12314011_10156359537375360_1240261124312535755_nWenonie Ling is a creative catalyst who has joined the Max De Pree Center for Leadership as Office Coordinator.

Exhibiting strong administrative skills, Wenonie’s career has included managing the daily operations of an office that produced 9 annual cultural events, 7 of which occurred within a 3-month period! With a heart for serving others, Wenonie has also assisted in the areas of children’s ministries, student ministries, and worship coordinating.

A SoCal girl, Wenonie has earned an M.A. in Worship, Theology, & the Arts from Fuller; a B.A. in Theatre from UC Irvine; and a certificate in Fashion Design from Cal State Los Angeles. Additionally, she has studied Asian Pacific Theatre & Dance at the University of Hawaii, Manoa; and has also lived in Hong Kong.