Leadership Jazz

by Max De Pree

Leadership Jazz by Max De Pree

some excerpts

“At the core of becoming a leader is the need always to connect one’s voice and one’s touch.”

“A jazz band is an expression of servant leadership. The leader of a jazz band has the beautiful opportunity to draw the best out of the other musicians. We have much to learn from jazz-band leaders, for jazz, like leadership, combines the unpredictability of the future with the gifts of individuals.”

“Leaders certainly need to know where they stand. But how do leaders stand? A sound philosophy isn’t enough; we all need to connect voice and touch. So much discussion these days talks of ethics as a legal line in the sand, a prohibition against certain actions. But leadership is constructive, the right actions taken in the context of clear and well-considered thinking. The active pursuit of a common good gives us the right to ask leaders and managers of all kinds to be not only successful, but faithful.”

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