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Fabric woven together

The 7-11 Principle: Weaving Torn Fabric Back Together

People sharing about their experiences

The 7-11 Principle: Be A Blessing In Your Everyday Life

A neighborhood in a town.

The 7-11 Principle: Are You a Plunderer?

A church in the midst of the city.

The 7-11 Principle: Engaging Critical Issues

A sketch of New York City

The 7-11 Principle Explained

A team strategizing how to proceed

The 7-11 Principle: God has a Plan

A woman hiking and reaching back to take the hand of the person behind her

Following Jesus Today

Devotional Series by Mark Roberts

In a time of uncertainty, when we’re not sure quite what to do, it’s good to follow Jesus. When we wonder where our lives are headed and what they’ll be like when we get there, it’s good to follow Jesus.