Mark D. Roberts
Mark D. Roberts serves as executive director of the Center.

Dr. Mark D. Roberts is the executive director for the Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Theological Seminary. In this role, Mark is responsible for the mission, strategic direction, and operations of the Center. He also provides resources for the Center’s work as the principal writer of the Life for Leaders daily devotional and as a major contributor to the Insights for Leaders blog of the De Pree Center. With years of experience as a pastor and non-profit leader as well as a mentor to leaders in business and other fields, Mark is deeply committed to helping the De Pree Center serve leaders in the marketplace, education, government, non-profits, arts, family, and the church. He envisions leaders flourishing in every part of their lives as well as their leadership, thus contributing to God’s work throughout the world.

With a PhD in New Testament from Harvard University, Mark has taught for years as an adjunct professor at Fuller Seminary. He has written eight books and dozens of articles for journals and magazines. His newest book, a commentary on Ephesians, will be published by Zondervan in 2016. Mark’s blog at receives more than a million visits a year, with articles on the Bible, culture, Christian living, and leadership. Mark regularly speaks at conferences, business meetings, retreats, schools, and churches on themes of leadership, vocation, faith and work, digital media, church life, and biblical theology.

Mark is married to Linda, a licensed therapist, spiritual director, and executive coach. Linda and Mark enjoy speaking together at churches and retreat centers on issues of discipleship, spiritual growth, leadership, and marriage. They have two children who are students on the East Coast.

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