Author: Clarissa Middleton

Clarissa Joan Middleton is an artist and business consultant committed to making media for social change.

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child on tire swing at park

Leaping Forward 2020 Pt. 2

There is an innocence and a trust empowering beloved little children everywhere to leap forward into the unknown of life without care. This awareness affirms the charge from King Solomon in Proverbs, that we lean not on our own understanding but trust the Lord, acknowledge God, and allow our Father in Heaven to order our steps.

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ballerina on sunset beach

Leaping Forward 2020 Pt. 1

I have learned that coming to the end of our own knowingness is how we make room for providence and the power of God to leap us forward. The mountains needing to be moved beyond our capacity, knowingness, and control are God’s molehills.

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“Making It Work” Podcast: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work

One of the challenging aspects of being employed in the greater Los Angeles County region is the traffic. A 2019 article published by Forbes…

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Green plants growing in soil

A Method for Measuring Faith, Part 2

Life happens in the moments, and this is why we must have faith the size of a mustard seed. Our faith must be applied and fit into our moments.

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A large pile of mustard seeds

A Method for Measuring Faith, Part 1

The harvest of our year and our decade rests in us tending to our faith as if it were a mustard seed. It is not enough to be faithful about the outcome of a thing. We must also be faithful in the details of our desires. We must apply our faith in a granular and specific manner.

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White votive candle on snow

Witnessing the Glory of God, Part 2

When we consider our desires for the quality of living we will experience at any age—but particularly in what Mark Roberts, our executive director here at the De Pree Center, calls the “Third Third” of life—being mobile, in our own homes, with ability to care for ourselves, still having a zeal for life itself, and the capacity to travel is what we millennials call #goals.

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A little boy in bed reading the bible

Witnessing the Glory of God, Part 1

We are four days away from celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. The young among us are bursting with inquiry about what gifts this Christmas will bring. Those of us who head households are plowing through to-do lists—insuring that every linen, fork, plate, candle, stocking stuffer, tape roll, butter knife, short rib, string bean, macaroni noodle and so forth are in their proper place and readily accessible for the preparation of the festivities.

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Two crosswalks meeting in a road

The Act of Balancing Opposition Pt. 2

It’s not that we don’t expect things that challenge our beliefs to happen, or that we want all things to be perfect, but we do put boundaries on our acceptance of “other” or the unusual. We like to think we live in a world of up or down, black or white, wrong or right. But that’s not the world we actually live in from God’s perspective.

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A white line on a black background which turns into a yellow line on a white background

The Act of Balancing Opposition Pt. 1

The portfolio of God is very diverse, and its nature is atmospheric and embedded with context about unity, harmony, and connection. The most powerful being in the universe, our God, loves compliments, attraction, and relationship.

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An Atmosphere of Gratitude

As the year winds down, I’ve fallen almost innately and surprisingly into a state of deep reflection and rest. There are 50,000 things I…

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three different people laughing together in a library

The Spiritual Aspect of Leadership, Part 2

In addition to setting spiritual intentions for my days, I also take stock of the resources God has provided me, and I try to move about my day from a place of abundance and gratitude versus lack. When I feel discomforted or disconnected, I resist casting quick judgement before managing my own expectations or gathering more information to make an informed decision about my challenges. Employing the habits of effectiveness in the realm of my spiritual matters has significantly improved the quality of my leadership and my experience of success.

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Someone bullet journaling a list

The Spiritual Aspect of Leadership, Part 1

Early on in my career, as a young professional, a new benchmark for success made itself known to me. I had proven that I was capable of achieving my goals, but I did not always personally feel good during the process or after. The more I matured and accomplished things in the everyday material world, the more I began to realize it’s not just what we do that matters.

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Out of the Box

In what world does an interactive media designer with a background in finance and venture capital become the Content and Communications Manager at a…

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