Author: DeLano Sheffield

DeLano J. Sheffield is the Business Resource Specialist for Goodwill of MoKan where he connects to people on the fringes, training them to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work; he also is on the frontlines of the advances of the fourth industrial revolution and coaches leaders on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. He began his career as an architectural engineer then went on to attend seminary. In every part of his life he finds ways to infuse theology into vocation, and strengthen practical connections of faith and daily activity. DeLano lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

A concrete roof with a large hole in it

Paralysis Alleviated

It is almost inevitable that at some point in life there will be circumstances that will cause paralysis in our lives.

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A gravestone with Mark 16:6 inscribed on it

The Tomb Where Dreams Come to Life (Part 2)

Empty tombs, like the cross, are remembrances for us that there is hope.

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A graveyard with prominent crosses on the headstones in back

The Tomb Where Dreams Come to Life (Part 1)

The Gospel is not just for near misses. When Mary, Mary, and Salome come looking to anoint a body with dignity, they found that there was no death in that cave—only someone who told them not to fear, and to reconcile what they saw at the cross with what they saw in the tomb. When Jesus steps into every circumstance it causes all kinds of tension and a need for trust which is the core of discipleship.

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A woman leaning against a fence looking sad

It is Far Better to Go Be With The Lord (Part 2)

It is far better to go. That is not only biblically accurate, it just makes good sense. Streets of gold versus potholes; better to go. Christ as the light in a city or rising gas and electrical bills; better to go. No more tears versus tear ducts and allergies; better to go. There are plenty of reasons to contemplate longing and planning for a renewed heaven and a renewed earth. Death would yield something better. But then again, there is a reason to stay.

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The feet of a runner jogging down a path

It is Far Better to Go Be With The Lord (Part 1)

We often forget how frail and fragmented everything is. Inside the tension and fragmentation we do not only find doom, but rather we find Christ himself and his bidding us to follow—never asking us to atone but instead teaching us that he has atoned for all of it. Christ is really all in all, isn’t He?

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A man sitting in a train station by empty tracks

What Good is Any Of It? (Part 2)

Whether there was a letter sent to Paul with questions, or Paul was simply thinking about how his situation affected those in Philippi, it is clear what Paul wanted them to know. It is what we need to become intimately clear about also: dire circumstances can actually bring about redemptive hope.

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A girl standing sadly in a hallway on Alcatraz Island

What Good is Any Of It? (Part 1)

Whether there is despair, uncertainty, success, or setback, Paul’s first clause affirms a strong reminder: there is always some good to come in every circumstance.

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People standing in a doorway of a room; the room is lit in dark blue, but the space beyond the door looks like a beautiful sunrise

What is to Come is Real (Part 2)

It may be unclear how our present work is actually turning out to advance the Gospel. But we can learn to live a good life with the same confidence that Paul had.

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A moving sidewalk at an airport stretching off into the distance

What is to Come is Real (Part 1)

Paul was keenly aware of his circumstances as well as the circumstances in Philippi. But he was also aware of another foreign country where it’s always light and where weeping and cursing will be gone. That place informed how he looked at his current circumstances in at least two ways.

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A woman peeking through the closed curtains of a house, looking outside

Advent Gives Way to More Advent (Part 2)

Jesus has arrived but this Advent would lead to another Advent. Simeon is unique to us in the sense that we will never know what it’s like to hold the Creator in our arms. But we are the same in that we all wait for the nations and Israel to be one corporate body and behold his glory. Until he arrives with that kind of presence, we wait.

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A neon road sign reading "WAIT"

Advent Gives Way to More Advent (Part 1)

Even when discord and disillusionment abound, there can and will be consolation. Simon was right where he was supposed to be, and he teaches us today two lessons that anxious hearts tend to forget: Advent is about learning to wait well in the silence between promise and realization. And that Advent gives way to more Advent.

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A person walking alone on the beach, far away

Under the Idol, Part 2

All of humanity is meant to glorify God, to draw attention to the weight of his reputation. We are to steward our relationships to God, others, and creation faithfully. God graciously enables image-bearers to seek for him and reach out for him.

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The Acropolis, Parthenon, and Erechtheion in Athens

Under the Idol, Part 1

Right under the Athens idol is the One whom Paul’s hearers are searching for. The only reason they were in Athens—making altars and temples to unreal gods—was because the living God they did not know put them there.

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Dawn breaking over a river

When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 2

The soul that is reminded by the word will point to life and light worth waiting for—light worth watching for in the darkness.

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A neon sign that says "Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting"

When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 1

Out of an abyss of sorts the Psalmist makes a song of ascent.

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