Author: DeLano Sheffield

DeLano J. Sheffield is the Business Resource Specialist for Goodwill of MoKan where he connects to people on the fringes, training them to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work; he also is on the frontlines of the advances of the fourth industrial revolution and coaches leaders on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. He began his career as an architectural engineer then went on to attend seminary. In every part of his life he finds ways to infuse theology into vocation, and strengthen practical connections of faith and daily activity. DeLano lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

A child running through a sprinkler and laughing

Present On That Day, Part 2

On that day God’s presence did not reach out to utterly destroy Israel but instead he gave them four gracious gifts. He came with victory, gladness, covenant love, and singing.

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A path between two groves of trees

Present On That Day, Part 1

When we gaze into the familiar with uncertainty, we are trying to make sense of what we are seeing. Zephaniah prophesied during a time where destruction had come. But God’s word repeatedly reminds us by prescription and experience that regardless of the circumstances “the Lord is in your midst.”

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Sunrise over a creek

After the Destruction – Part 2

God is present after the disruption and he is fully engaged with his creation because the earth is his.

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An old fishing boat on land

After the Destruction – Part 1

We will be an acceptable offering to God.

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Beautiful hills off the coast of Northern Ireland

Awesome Presence of God (Part 2)

How does catching fish translate to a fisherman at work telling a carpenter “Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!”?

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A fisherman standing on a small boat with an empty net

Awesome Presence of God (Part 1)

Among common ordinary repeated events of life, like these experienced fishermen in Luke 5 who had cast and re-cast, they found the awesome wonder of a present God in the monotony of their common everyday work.

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A black and white photo of a hallway of prison cells

Doubt His Presence—Part 2

In one statement Jesus affirms John’s value and ironically ours also.

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A man in a darkened room deep in prayer

Doubt His Presence

If John doubts, then just perhaps it will be alright in the life of a leader if you have some doubt too.

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A comfy bed with a mug and notebooks on it

Finale—Coram Deo (Part 2)

Whether we are awake or asleep, God is quite active and never sleeps.

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An iced coffee with a straw next to a colorful sign saying "Have a break"

Finale—Coram Deo (Part 1)

We find a kind of care from God that the day’s labors can easily distract us from seeing.

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Pretend cookies made out of Play-Doh and glitter

Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 2)

Leaders hear the sound of God wandering through the broken relationships in all of creation with resolve.

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A man in a tuxedo playing a saxophone outdoors

Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 1)

Joseph had some dreams that reminded him that God was involved and present.

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A shelf of Russian nesting dolls

Adagio—Long Journey to Presence (Part 2)

When Abraham moved he found that God was present.

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Desert boulders in Ein Gedi, Israel

Adagio—Long Journey to Presence (Part 1)

Abraham traveled from Ur to Haran to Shechem and after some 900 miles, he found that the Lord was not relegated to regions.

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A person wandering through a jungle on a path

Allegro Part 2—God’s Wonder Wandering

God knows all, and like most fathers and mothers he knows where his children are.

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