Author: DeLano Sheffield

DeLano J. Sheffield is the Business Resource Specialist for Goodwill of MoKan where he connects to people on the fringes, training them to reach their full potential through learning and the power of work; he also is on the frontlines of the advances of the fourth industrial revolution and coaches leaders on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility. He began his career as an architectural engineer then went on to attend seminary. In every part of his life he finds ways to infuse theology into vocation, and strengthen practical connections of faith and daily activity. DeLano lives in Kansas City, Missouri.

A weight room, empty but ready for weightlifters

Silent Labor Resonates

Silent labor is neither unimportant, unvalued or unrecognized work.

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An elderly woman's hands folded in her lap on top of a Bible

Remembering Your Work

Sometimes the very thing we need to endure is to recall the work others have done.

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A white (1964) Chevy Impala driving down the road behind a green pickup

Persevering Encouragement

Gospel reminders between fellow co-laborers keep us focused.

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A vintage letter with a vintage British stamp surrounded by white flowers

Cherished Co-Laborers

When we hold other believers dear to us, we find mutual reminders of the ties that bind us together.

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An adult pointing out a passage in the Bible to a toddler

Ranking the Greatest (Part 2)

The lesson of rank and greatness continues with a pivot to the kingdom.

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A black and white pedestal showing places for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-place winners

Ranking the Greatest (Part 1)

Through every generation, the Son of Man continues to serve, and he tells us today that rank and greatness pale in comparison to serving him by the works of our hands.

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A man dressed in black, standing and looking sadly downward against a black background

Character of God’s Kindness

Regardless of region, gender, race, background, whether we’re on a mountain peak or the stormy sea, Jesus can find us and easily reverse the domain of darkness with his Kingdom.

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A sailing boat with a storm just about to blow up

Subdued Seas

Mark 4:35-41 shows us that disciples must broaden their capacity of trust.

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Four boys in a field playing soccer

The Selection Process

Jesus chooses people who do not fit the expected mold.

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A concrete roof with a large hole in it

Paralysis Alleviated

It is almost inevitable that at some point in life there will be circumstances that will cause paralysis in our lives.

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A cross in the middle of a grassy field

Bearing the Weight of the Cross

Simon of Cyrene gives us the lesson of God’s providence and participation in painful things that reveal God’s grace.

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A man looking expectantly out a window

Oh, Thomas!

Thomas and others remind us that we can have expectations—but even if they are fulfilled exactly as we hoped, there will always be so much more.

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