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Episode 23: Get the Rest You Need

Guest Dr. Saundra Dalton Smith tells us about seven different types of rest and how God helped her recover from a season of burnout.

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Adaptive Leadership Research Survey

Jessica Duisberg, Assistant Director of the Innovation for Vocation Project at Fuller Theological Seminary, could use your help gathering data for her dissertation! We…

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Episode 21: Doing God’s Work in the Military

Our guest today, Master Sergeant Russ Gehrlein, made his career in military service, where he not only discovered God’s purposes for his work, he also realized he could feel God’s presence at work on a daily basis.

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Episode 22: Ordinary Employees
Pursuing Racial Justice in the Workplace

Guests Maya Adolf and Jamie Sturm started an employee-led educational group to foster racial understanding in their workplace.

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Bonnie Kristian

Episode 20: How to Weather a Bad News Cycle with Jesus

How do you weather the news when it seems like one piece of bad news after another?

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Episode 18: The Impact of Biblically Responsible Investing

What should you do with your money? Should you save? Invest? Give it away?

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Episode 19: Avoid the Comparison Trap

How do we escape from the comparison trap?

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Episode 17: Is it Okay to Talk About Mental Health at Work?

We have an honest conversation about what it’s like to struggle with mental health at work.

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Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy

Work and Worship: Reconnecting Our Labor and Liturgy by Matthew Kaemingk & Cory B. Willson The modern chasm between “secular” work and “sacred” worship…

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Episode 16: Make Room for Your Whole Self

If you can’t bear the thought of going to work one day longer, it may be time to re-examine..

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Episode 15: God in the ER During a Pandemic

Emergency room physician Mike Sunu shares how he has experienced God in the ER during COVID-19.

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Online Course:
Vocation Mythbusting

An Online Course on Fuller Formation Examining myths about calling that can be unbiblical and unhelpful. Our sense of vocation, or calling, is shaped…

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Episode 14: Bridging Political, Racial
and Religious Differences Through Food

Soul food scholar Adrian Miller discusses bridging our political & racial differences through food.

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Episode 13: Sharing Your Faith at Work Without Fear

The “Making it Work” Podcast Featuring Sue Warnke Hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts How can you share your faith at work? Conversations about…

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Episode 12: Navigating People vs. Profit

The “Making it Work” Podcast Featuring Al Erisman Hosted by Leah Archibald and Mark Roberts There’s a tension in most workplaces today. On one hand,…

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