Author: Mark Roberts

Dr. Mark D. Roberts is a Senior Strategist for Fuller’s Max De Pree Center for Leadership, where he focuses on the spiritual development and thriving of leaders. He is the principal writer of the daily devotional, Life for Leaders, and the founder of the De Pree Center’s Flourishing in the Third Third of Life Initiative. Previously, Mark was the Executive Director of the De Pree Center, the lead pastor of a church in Southern California, and the Senior Director of Laity Lodge in Texas. He has written eight books, dozens of articles, and over 2,500 devotions that help people discover the difference God makes in their daily life and leadership. With a Ph.D. in New Testament from Harvard, Mark teaches at Fuller Seminary, most recently in his D.Min. cohort on “Faith, Work, Economics, and Vocation.” Mark is married to Linda, a marriage and family counselor, spiritual director, and executive coach. Their two grown children are educators on the high school and college level.

A sign that says "With God, All Things are Possible"

God of the Possible

Jesus came to save us, not only in the age to come, but in this age.

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A woman in distress reaching over the edge of a wooden fence

When Being Good Isn’t Enough

Jesus shows us that we cannot be good enough to inherit eternal life. Only God is that good.

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A father holding his toddler on his shoulders

Receiving the Kingdom as a Child

When we admit our utter dependence on God and then choose to depend on God completely, we receive the gift of God’s reign in and over our lives.

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The Kingdom of God Belongs to Children

Our churches will reflect and embody God’s kingdom when we are truly inclusive of children and others who are so easily and often excluded.

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A young girl helping a boy get up who is seated on a log

Workday Prayers: Responding to God’s Call to Justice

In obedience to God’s Word and with God’s help, we are able to respond to this command in our daily work.

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A father holding a child up in the air

Let the Children Come to Me

This story reminds us to be people who bring children to Jesus rather than those who stand in the way.

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A puzzled-looking man with his hat on backwards

Missing Jesus by a Mile

When we acknowledge that we might also miss Jesus by a mile sometimes, this reminds us to be humble and to rely on God for spiritual guidance in all things.

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A man kneeling on the ground in a woods praying

A Warning to Good People

Sometimes our effort to be “good” backfires.

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A broken down wooden cart in a field

The Parable of the Squeaky Wheel

Sometimes we pray and God answers right away. But often when we pray God seems distressingly unresponsive.

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A woman sitting at a table in a library reading the Bible

Words of Eternal Life

When we read and meditate upon the words of Jesus – indeed, upon the words of Scripture – we receive in a fresh way the very life of God.

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A shepherd looking over a flock of sheep

Responding to the Wonder of Christmas:
Part 7 – Glorifying

In your work today, and tomorrow, and the next day, seek to love and glorify the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength.

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How the Christmas Story Encourages Older Adults

I’m writing during the final days of Christmastide 2021-2022. In this season of the year, I’m continuing to reflect on the significance of the…

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A group of ordinary construction and fast-food workers

Responding to the Wonder of Christmas: Part 6 – Returning

As you get back to work, do so glorifying and praising God for the reality of the Incarnation, for Emmanuel, God with us, the core of Christmas.

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A woman's hands holding a handful of gold-foil-wrapped chocolate eggs

Responding to the Wonder of Christmas:
Part 5 – Treasuring

Though the celebration of Christmas may be over, the wonderful reality of God coming to dwell among us remains.

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A silhouette of a woman using a megaphone

Responding to the Wonder of Christmas:
Part 4 – Witness

One way we respond to the wonder of Christmas is by telling others about what God has done in Jesus.

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