Author: Meggie Anderson

A group following each other in action.

Ruth the Faithful: A Survival Story

As I was recently re-reading the book of Ruth, I found myself remembering similar stories I have encountered in my own life. I thought…

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Sheroes of the Faith: What We Can Learn About Creative Resistance

“But the Midwives feared God; they did not do as the king of Egypt commanded them.” (Ex. 1: 17) Two women face an ethical…

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The Power of Relationship

Tucked behind a small beer garden in Pasadena’s Old Town district, the Norris Realty Advisors office does not boast any large, glaring signs or…

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There and Back Again: Power, Difference, and Faithful Living

Growing up and through his young adult years, Fabián Sandoval struggled with two different ways of carrying himself in the world: he could either…

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