Bible Book: 1 Corinthians

A street sign reading "Hope St"

Hope as Noun, Verb, and Person

Christian hope is both a verb and a noun: something we do, and something we possess. Even more importantly, our hope is a person. Christian hope is not the same as optimism. It does not deny the reality of sorrow, loss, failure, and suffering. Yet hope is rooted in the person and work of Jesus Christ and what was accomplished on the cross. It comes from faith that Christ continues to work in this world, and because of Christ’s work, our own work is not in vain. 

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A Bible and a cup of coffee overlooking a quiet dawn

What Happened to the Sabbath Among Christians?

Though the first Christians observed the sabbath since they were Jewish, before long Christians innovated. Some observed the sabbath on Saturday and gathered on Sunday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. Others made Sunday their “special day.” Though Christians differ on the specific, throughout the centuries most have set apart one day a week as a special day, a time for worship, prayer, and reflection. 

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Imagine There’s a Heaven

When we imagine that there is a heaven, when we envision the day when God’s justice has rolled down completely, when the earth is full of the knowledge of the Lord, when all of our brokenness has been healed, when God’s peace fills the earth, and when the world does indeed “live as one,” to quote John Lennon, we are inspired and compelled to live today in light of the future that permeates our imagination. We will be committed to “livin’ life in peace” today because we look forward to the all-encompassing peace of God’s heavenly future.

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A person being baptized in a lake or baptistry by a church leader

The Holy Spirit Brings Us Together, Part 2

When we receive God’s grace through faith in Christ, the Holy Spirit connects us in a deep, lasting way to the community of other Christians. Our unity as Christians isn’t something we create, but rather something created by the Spirit of God in which we live.

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A crucifix on a bunch of lilacs

The Foolishness of the Cross

If we place Christ at the center, everything else will fall into place.

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Grace is Gritty

The grace of God is gritty. Grace-giving and grace-receiving are part of the tough fibers that hold a community together. 

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A group of teenage girls sitting on a bench in a garden in prayer

Where are You Planted? Part 2

Scripture reveals that our flourishing depends on a meaningful, committed community with other Christians.

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Called by a Faithful God

Sometimes God’s call on our lives can feel scary.

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Called Together

Together, we help each other to hear and respond to our particular callings in life.

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Three young women praying over another young woman

Calling Isn’t Just for Religious Leaders

Scripture makes it abundantly clear that all believers in Jesus have been called by God.

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