Bible Book: 1 Peter

Members of a string section in an orchestra playing

Imagination Is More Than Visual

Because the word “imagination” is based on the Latin word imago, meaning “image,” we tend to think of it as having to do with visual images, those we see in our minds even though they are not in front of our eyes. Yet imagination actually embraces all the senses, and even more. We can use our imaginations to think lofty thoughts, to dream dreams of justice and peace.

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A baby being fed a bottle of milk

Growing Strong

As we commence this year, may our main goal be to grow stronger in and with Jesus. May our desire to memorize scripture and spend time basking in His presence grant us a joyful and successful Christian walk, not to be neglected but prioritized.

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All Souls Church in London

God’s Construction Project – Part 2

Are we willing to sacrifice for the flourishing of our local church, the relational community and the institution which embodies it?

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house under construction

God’s Construction Project – Part 1

As today’s text says, God is constructing a house made of “living stones.”

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