Bible Book: Colossians

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Had Enough?

What do we need when we have had enough?

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Graciously Receiving God’s Gift of Sabbath

When we take in the wide expanse of biblical teaching on sabbath, it seems clear to me that God intends for us to rest regularly and intentionally. Our times of rest may well be private, though we also need to gather with other believers on a weekly basis for worship and fellowship. Moreover, though we rightly put aside our ordinary work in order to receive God’s gift of rest, we should follow Jesus in recognizing that certain kinds of work – healing, for example – are fully consistent with faithful sabbath keeping. The sabbath is God’s gift to humankind, a gift that enhances restoration, relationship, and reflection. I believe we need to receive this gift today as individuals, friends, families, and churches. 

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Not Doing It Alone Isn’t Easy

Being part of a gracious, loving Christian community is wonderful. But sometimes it’s also hard to be in relationship with others, even as it’s hard for them to be in relationship with me. We need God’s grace to be patient, to put up with each other, and, when we are wronged, to forgive. 

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Sharing Your Gratitude with Others

On Thanksgiving Day, we are encouraged to thank God for God’s many blessings. That’s wonderful! But this is also a great day to share your gratitude with others. Be sure to say “Thank you” today to the people who make a difference in your life.

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Don’t Forget the Big Things!

In this time of year set apart for thanksgiving, may you give thanks to God for the “big things” and the “little things.” As you do, may your heart be filled with the joy of the Lord!

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Giving Thanks When Life is Hard

It may be easy to feel grateful when life is good. But what about when life is hard, when we’re suffering or when we grieve over the injustice in our world? Can we be thankful then? Yes, Scripture encourages us to be thankful even in hard times. We don’t have to deny the pain or pretend that everything is great. But we can pay attention to God’s gifts to us. And we can get help from our sisters and brothers in Christ, whose care and prayers stir up thanksgiving in us. 

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Barriers to Gratitude

Our lives would be better if they were filled with gratitude. They’d also be consistent with biblical teaching and example. But sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. Various barriers can get in the way: busyness, inattention, hesitation about depending on others, or a sense of entitlement. If, by God’s grace, we can address the barriers to gratitude in our lives, then we’ll find it easier to do and say everything with thanksgiving. 

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Cultivating a Posture of Gratitude

Gratitude isn’t something we feel or express once in a while. Rather, we should be thankful to God and others regularly. As we express our thanks consistently, we will nurture in ourselves a posture of gratitude. We will be people for whom gratitude comes consistently, even in difficult times. We will pay attention to God’s gifts and be thankful for God’s grace.

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The phrase "Thank you" in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch

Giving Thanks Consistently

The example of the Apostle Paul encourages us to give thanks to God, not just once in a while, but often, regularly, consistently. Even when we’re going through difficult times, we can pay attention to ways in which God is present and gracious.

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Gratitude: More Than a Feeling

Feeling truly grateful is a wonderful thing. But gratitude is more than a feeling. According to Scripture, it is a disposition, a way of thinking, feeling, and living. Moreover, gratitude is choosing to thank the Lord for all of his good gifts, no matter how we’re feeling at any given moment. Feelings of gratitude often follow from expressions of gratitude.

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Keep a Gratitude Journal

As we draw near to Thanksgiving Day, we are encouraged to keep a gratitude journal, a simple, daily record of things for which we are thankful. Such a journal strengthens our relationship with God even as it helps us to flourish.

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Thanksgiving Preseason: An Invitation

In ten days, we will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But, for many of us, that holiday is so full that we hardly have a moment to express thanks to God.

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Knowledge and Vital Piety

Paul was very aware that he was competing in a marketplace of ideas in the first-century Greco-Roman world.

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Live Who You Are . . . Thankfully

We can live with gratitude even in difficult times.

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Thanks, Thanks, and More Thanks

Again and again, Scripture calls us to be thankful. Why is gratitude so important?

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