Bible Book: Genesis

Sunrise over a creek

After the Destruction – Part 2

God is present after the disruption and he is fully engaged with his creation because the earth is his.

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An old fishing boat on land

After the Destruction – Part 1

We will be an acceptable offering to God.

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A comfy bed with a mug and notebooks on it

Finale—Coram Deo (Part 2)

Whether we are awake or asleep, God is quite active and never sleeps.

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An iced coffee with a straw next to a colorful sign saying "Have a break"

Finale—Coram Deo (Part 1)

We find a kind of care from God that the day’s labors can easily distract us from seeing.

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Pretend cookies made out of Play-Doh and glitter

Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 2)

Leaders hear the sound of God wandering through the broken relationships in all of creation with resolve.

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A man in a tuxedo playing a saxophone outdoors

Minuet—Take Heart, He is Good (Part 1)

Joseph had some dreams that reminded him that God was involved and present.

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A shepherd in the mountains with a flock of sheep

Work Harmed and Redeemed

Sin and death impact all of our labors in many ways: we labor toward evil ends, or with evil motives; we become greedy or prideful about our work; our relationships are harmed by sin, and broken community also negatively impacts our labors.

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A copy of a Genesis commentary on a desk

Sin, Mortality, and Work

We were made for fruitful labor, as one of the ways that we glorify our creator God. Nonetheless, work in this world has been negatively impacted by sin and death.

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A foggy road leading off into a wood

Passing Between the Pieces

The Lenten journey teaches us pretty quickly that we are going to screw up.

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A shelf of Russian nesting dolls

Adagio—Long Journey to Presence (Part 2)

When Abraham moved he found that God was present.

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Desert boulders in Ein Gedi, Israel

Adagio—Long Journey to Presence (Part 1)

Abraham traveled from Ur to Haran to Shechem and after some 900 miles, he found that the Lord was not relegated to regions.

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A woman with a cross on her forehead

Dust in the Wind: A Devotion for Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday, Christians throughout the world acknowledge our dustiness, our sinfulness, our mortality.

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Receding Waters

Recreation requires new rhythms for new life to grow moving forward.

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A small, old fishing boat

God Remembers

God remembers. God remembered. God will continue to remember God’s own children.

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