Bible Book: Isaiah

Water splashing in the top of a bucket

Drink Deeply from the Waters of Salvation

God has more to do in us and through us as we drink deeply from and share with others the water of salvation.

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When the Wolf Lives With the Lamb

Then the whole world is filled with the knowledge of God, all things will be transformed. Violence will cease. Enemies will become friends. Injustice will be replaced with peace.

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The sun shining down through the water on the ocean floor

Seeing Beneath the Surface

Isaiah foretold the day when a unique leader would be given to the people of God. Because this leader would be filled with the Spirit of God, he wouldn’t see only what’s on the surface.

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A man with a bike silhouetted against a sunset

Boasting in God

When we do something important, we are tempted to take all the credit. Yet Scripture reminds us that the good we do comes because of God’s work in and through us.

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Symbols of legal justice: statue of Lady Justice, law books, a globe.

God’s Commitment to Justice

In many passages of Scripture, including Isaiah 10, God condemns those who use their power to oppress others.

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A church choir performing in a sanctuary decorated for Christmas with a large tree

Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace

Jesus makes God known to us in many different ways. Through Jesus we can receive God’s counsel and benefit from God’s might.

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A man walking through a desolate, rocky, coastal landscape

Overcoming Fear with Fear

There are many things in this world that can cause us to feel afraid.

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An empty manger

God is With You!

Long ago, God promised through the prophet Isaiah that one day a child would be born with the name “Immanuel.” This child, and this name, would reassure God’s people of God’s presence with them.

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A man biking through downtown Warsaw at night

How Will You Respond to the Call of God?

Are you willing to represent God in your part of the world?

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Mark Roberts as a toddler with his dad

Telling the Truth

As people of God, we will be committed to telling – and living – the truth.

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grapes on vine

Are You Living Fruitfully?

As God looks upon your life today, what does God see? Are you producing fruit that honors God?

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Light shining in the window showing the beautiful ceiling of a church in Palermo, Italy

Do You Want to Be Called Holy?

The prophecies of Isaiah envision a time in the future when the people of God will honor and serve God.

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A supermarket aisle with the shelves completely empty

The True Leader

The leader who seeks to honor God will often face difficult choices.

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A young boy riding on a kids' John Deere tractor pulling some flowerpots

When Weapons Become Tools for Producing Food

In a world so filled with violence, we long for the day when “swords” will be turned into “plowshares.”

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Mt. Everest among other mountain peaks, covered with snow

The Highest of Mountains

Mt. Everest draws people from around the world for the simple reason that it is the highest mountain on earth.

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