Bible Book: James

A man sitting at his computer and scratching his dog under the chin

Getting Close

Coming near to God brings great benefits, one of which is a greater intimacy to know Him and His ways over our lives. Let us take time this week to get quiet by drawing close to Him to hear his voice and His way.

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Two women embracing at a church service

Day Three: Value Community

Today we’ll see why it’s so essential to “value community.”

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Scrabble tiles that spell out the words "listen more"

Day Two: Shut Up and Listen

Today we’re going to discover the importance of learning to “shut up and listen.” Now I know that sounds like something shouted in the midst of an argument, but believe me, it’s good advice!

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A bumper sticker reading "Curb your ego"

Day One: Viciously Attack Ego

It’s tough to lead well if our egos are influencing our decisions, and we often hurt others.

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