Bible Book: John

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“Can’t” Can’t Be, Anymore (Part 2)

How do we get to a redemptive imagination, a view of life that sees Christ involved in the life of the lost? Involved in poverty? Involved in homelessness? In brokenness and wholeness? We have to look at three things: who we worship, who we love, and what we decide to do.

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“Can’t” Can’t Be, Anymore (Part 1)

Jesus came to give us a better perspective and better imagination—a redemptive imagination, really; a view of this world and life that considers the fact that if God the Father can send _his own son_ into the world and let him die for all of us so that we never have to worry about death again, then just perhaps he can use us to save others, help with homelessness, and figure out a way for us to be together even when things break down.

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The Word became flesh and lived among us.

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The Benefits of a Not-So-Perfect Christmas

So, if you had a perfect celebration of Christmas yesterday, that’s wonderful—a glimpse of the age to come. But if, like most people, your Christmas wasn’t everything you hoped it would be, then take heart. Jesus came into such a world as yours. Jesus understands. Moreover, through the Spirit, Jesus is present with you today much as he was present in the flesh two millennia ago. Thus, if your Christmas was not what you hoped it would be, or if even if you’re feeling powerfully sad, Jesus gets it. More to the point, _Jesus gets you_.

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He Is Mine, I Mean I Am His

We all belong to Jesus. We are all loved by the Father. We are all empowered by the Spirit. We are all God’s. Even (especially?) when we make mistakes.

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American(ism) Idol

Good things can become idols if we put them above God. Even when Jesus raised the dead, many of the religious leaders of his day seemed more concerned with their nation, their power and freedoms, and their temple than with the God they claimed to worship in that temple. We are continually called to let go of our idols and put God first.

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A sheep in a pasture with a fence around it

The Sheep That Have a Name

Be assured that your good shepherd cares for you. He knows you by name, and he will be your gate, your bread, your light, your life, your true vine, and your way.

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Low Sunday

What Jesus did for us, he did because he was both crucified and risen. What Jesus did for us, he did because he was both human and divine. What Jesus did for us encompasses both Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

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Follow Me

Suddenly sometimes strange happens in the text. Peter asks, “What about him, though?” He points to the disciple whom Jesus loved following behind. I always thought it odd that he would ask and I still cannot be quite sure why he does so. However, I am always moved by Jesus’ persistent redirection: Peter, follow me. Stay in your lane. Don’t compare yourself. Keep your eyes on me. Not on him.

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A circular stained glass window with Jesus in the middle and light streaming from him

The Light of the World

When faced with hunger, blindness, death, fear, and confusion—of our own making or outside of our control, in our individual lives or in the life of the world—we have a Savior who is our mighty help.

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A crucifix with statues of women at the bottom

Jesus Crucified But Not Completely Alone

As Jesus was crucified, he experienced profound aloneness. But he wasn’t completely alone. Several of his followers – mainly a number of women – stayed with him and even drew near to him as he was daying. This reminds us that we need others with us when we suffer. It also encourages us to be with people in their pain. As it says in Romans, “Weep with those who weep.”

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People holding hands in prayer

Jesus Prayed That We Don’t Do It Alone

Jesus’s prayer in John 17, with its striking request that all disciples of Jesus be unified, underscores the truth of the “can’t do it alone” principle. It also challenges us to examine our own lives. Are we experiencing in our relationships the unity for which Jesus prayed? Are we helping our church to be more united and less divided? Are we living each day in the reality of the oneness we have with our brothers and sisters in Christ?

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The Church and Consumerism, Part 1

When people approach church as consumers shopping for a product, it is tempting for Christians—especially church leaders—to respond with a similar mindset: to view church as a product that must please customers in order to sell. Jesus calls us to a different approach than a consumer model. Though it is often not a popular message, the Gospel should always point to Christ, and through Christ back to the Father.

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People picking crops in a rainy field

Fruitful in Relationship

You can do good through your individual efforts, to be sure. But you will only experience full and true fruitfulness in relationship with others. If you want to make a difference that matters in this world, you can’t do it alone. Community is essential for fruitful living.

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A man kneeling in prayer before a sunrise

Words of Spirit and Life

Jesus said that his words are spirit and life. Life for Leaders, the daily, digital devotional of the De Pree Center, exists to help you experience the abundant, eternal life of God all that you do, especially in your work and leadership.

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