Bible Book: Luke

A plate of fish and vegetables at a fancy restaurant

Not a Ghost Story

When Jesus first appeared to his disciples as he rose from the dead, they were terrified, fearing that he was a ghost.

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A heart-shaped lantern with a candle burning inside

Hearts: From Slow to Burning

When we know that God is teaching us, and when we learn new truths, our hearts move from slow to burning.

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A group of people gathered together around enjoying themselves eating dinner at a restaurant

How Jesus Makes Himself Known, Part 2

There’s something about sharing food and conversation that opens us to deeper relationships with other people and with Jesus.

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A person's hands holding out bread and wine above a table which has bread and a crown of thorns on it

How Jesus Makes Himself Known, Part 1

When the resurrected Jesus joined two of his disciples for dinner, they had no idea who he was. But when he broke the bread and handed it to them, at that moment they recognized Jesus.

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A large metal outdoor crucifix

The Necessity of the Cross

As Jesus walked along with two of his disciples after his resurrection, he explained to them how the Hebrew scriptures informed and guided his messianic work.

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Three young men with backpacks on a hike, hiking away from the camera

The Curious Puzzles of the Road to Emmaus

The beloved story of “The Road to Emmaus” includes several curious puzzles. One of the most perplexing is why the two disciples of Jesus who were walking on the road failed to recognize the risen Jesus when he appeared to them.

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A woman with a music stand and microphone hosting a Sunday morning prayer service

Women as Witnesses to the Resurrection:
Another Striking Implication

The centrality of women in the resurrection stories gives us a dramatic picture of God using women for a crucial and wonderful aspect of his revelatory work.

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A brass statue of Justice blindfolded and holding a scales

Women as Witnesses to the Resurrection: A Striking Implication

The gospel stories of Jesus’s resurrection have some surprising features, in addition to the most obvious surprise. One of these surprises has to do with the prominent role of women as witnesses to the resurrection.

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The sun rising dramatically over an old church with a graveyard

Is the Resurrection of Jesus an Idle Tale?

When some of the women who followed Jesus returned from his tomb, announcing to the other disciples the good news of the resurrection, those who heard their announcement considered it an “idle tale” (Luke 24:11).

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sun rays inside cave - reminds us of An empty tomb viewed from the inside with the sunlight shining in

The Good News of Easter

Because of the resurrection, everything changes. And it’s all based on the simple good news: Christ is risen!

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A notebook with a flowery cross on it and the words "You Are Loved"

Remember, Return, Retell

I do not know what bemuses me the most about this story: that Jesus appears suddenly to startled disciples and declares “Peace be with you” or that he asks if anyone has anything to eat and they casually give him broiled fish? 

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A black and white photo of wo people with their backs to the camera, sitting and talking in a large open stone building


The women were with each other. In the silence. In the waiting. In the grief. In the questions. In your anxiety. In your doubts. In your fears. Find the with-ness of God in the witness of people around you.

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A priest in beautiful red vestments holding a handful of palms

Ride On, King Jesus (Part 2)

Jesus defeated Caesar’s power, but not by anything so obvious as sending an army against him.

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A palm frond against a gold wall

Ride On, King Jesus (Part 1)

Jesus rightfully reigns over all of creation and all earthly rulers; if one group of his subjects is unable to praise him, another will join in, down to the very stones.

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A page from the Gospel of Luke showing the parable of the Prodigal Son

Lost and Found

Maybe as you come to this Refreshment Sunday you wonder if you will ever be refreshed. Be assured: the Father loves you.

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