Bible Book: Luke

Stained glass windows in St. Columb's Cathedral in London depicting Jesus, his disciples, and an angel at Gethsemane as the Roman soldiers arrive to arrest him.

Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord

This story challenges me in a number of ways, but one of them is this: look for Jesus where you least expect to find him.

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Two men sitting on benches, one wealthy and one homeless

Poor Man Lazarus

You cannot serve God and money. You can, however, serve God and other people—sometimes with money, sometimes without. But don’t be too quick to assume that it’s without.

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A window washer cleaning a revolving door of an office building

The Janitor

Whether we got lost by ourselves or whether the systems of society lost us does not matter to the Lord. What he’s interested in is finding us, saving us, and rejoicing with us.

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A table crammed with food and drink

Compel Them to Come In

Confusing and yet overpowering images and implications come out of these parables. All are welcome. Turning down Jesus’s invitation has serious consequences.

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Two baby lambs sleeping

Have No Fear, Little Flock

If we do not put the kingdom first, then we run the risk of being hypocrites who do things behind closed doors we would not want spoken of openly..

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A plate of croissants and a cup of coffee

Daily Bread

Jesus has told me what I should pray for in order to advance his Kingdom. Most especially, I know that he has told me to pray each day for the bread I need for that day.

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Lawrence W. Ladd, The Good Samaritan

A Neighbor

We are saved by the limitless grace of Christ on the cross, the source of all mercy. But that does not mean that our works don’t matter..

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Beautiful hills off the coast of Northern Ireland

Awesome Presence of God (Part 2)

How does catching fish translate to a fisherman at work telling a carpenter “Go away from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man!”?

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A fisherman standing on a small boat with an empty net

Awesome Presence of God (Part 1)

Among common ordinary repeated events of life, like these experienced fishermen in Luke 5 who had cast and re-cast, they found the awesome wonder of a present God in the monotony of their common everyday work.

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A woman sitting on a balcony looking at a large neon sign that says "JESUS SAVES"

When in Doubt, Still Follow Jesus

The Gospel of Luke teaches us that, no matter what, it’s good to follow Jesus.

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A marble statue of Jesus seen from below under one of the hands

The Post-Credits Teaser

The Gospel of Luke ends with a kind of “post-credits scene,” a teaser that hooks you for the next of Luke’s productions, the Acts of the Apostles.

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A dove in flight near a skyscraper

The Promise of Power

Jesus told his first disciples they would be sent out to preach the good news of his death and resurrection. But before they started, they needed to wait for power from on high.

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A group of people sitting on an outdoor patio talking together

The Greatest Bible Study Ever

After Jesus rose from the dead, he appeared to his disciples several times. In one of these meetings, he led what we might call “the greatest Bible study ever.”

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A person dressed as a ghost in front of a spooky abandoned graffiti-covered building and old car

Why It Matters that Jesus Was Not a Ghost

The physical resurrection of Jesus reinforces the value of the physical world. That which God created as very good continues to have eternal value.

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Not a Fish Tale

When we’re struggling to believe God or to discern God’s guidance, God often gives us hints or signs, evidence of God’s presence, love, and wisdom. Sometimes God can speak to us even through a fish!

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