Bible Book: Mark

A birthday gift wrapped in bright pink paper

Unwrapping the Gift of Sabbath

Jesus said that the sabbath “was made for humankind.” God created the sabbath as a gift for us. Some of us have unwrapped this gift and delight in it. Others of us have still to unwrap it. Scripture will show us how to embrace the sabbath for God’s glory and our good. 

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The Redemptive Imagination of Jesus, Part 2

The example of Jesus challenges us to consider how we picture the people in our lives. Do we use our imaginations to see people’s potential? Or do we see them in a rather static way? And if we see their potential, do we help them to grow? Or do we keep them in their place if it serves our own interests?

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A list in a Bible of many parables of Jesus

The Goodness of the Imagination

As we wonder about the goodness of the imagination, we come to the case of Jesus. He often taught in parables that were the fruit of his fruitful imagination. Through the characters and stories he made up, Jesus revealed profound truth. His example encourages us to offer our imaginations to God so that we might add to the goodness of this world.

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The Selection Process

Jesus chooses people who do not fit the expected mold.

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Paralysis Alleviated

It is almost inevitable that at some point in life there will be circumstances that will cause paralysis in our lives.

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A gravestone with Mark 16:6 inscribed on it

The Tomb Where Dreams Come to Life (Part 2)

Empty tombs, like the cross, are remembrances for us that there is hope.

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A graveyard with prominent crosses on the headstones in back

The Tomb Where Dreams Come to Life (Part 1)

The Gospel is not just for near misses. When Mary, Mary, and Salome come looking to anoint a body with dignity, they found that there was no death in that cave—only someone who told them not to fear, and to reconcile what they saw at the cross with what they saw in the tomb. When Jesus steps into every circumstance it causes all kinds of tension and a need for trust which is the core of discipleship.

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A closeup of a sculpture of Jesus on the cross

The Aloneness of Jesus

In a way we will never fully understand, Jesus experienced profound aloneness on the cross. Most of his followers had left him alone. And even his Heavenly Father turned his back as Jesus bore the penalty for our sin. Because of what Jesus endured for us, we will not be forsaken by God. We will never be left alone. 

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A woman praying in the middle of a field

Praying When You’re Alone

When it comes to discerning God’s guidance for our lives, Scripture teaches us to value corporate discernment as well as times of solitude. Indeed, we need the input and perspective of our sisters and brothers in Christ. And we need times when we can quiet our hearts to hear from the Lord. Both experiences are essential for a full, fruitful, and faithful Christian life.

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Jesus Sent Out His Disciples In Pairs, Not Alone

Jesus reinforces the “can’t do it alone” truth of Christian life and work by sending out his disciples “two by two.” He knew that their ministry would be stronger if they served in teams. Thus, as we think about our life and work, we would do well to imitate the “two by two” approach of Jesus, sharing in life and work with partners who will help us to be more effective and resilient in all we do.

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Four people standing with their arms linked watching a sunset

Jesus Didn’t Do Life and Work Alone

As Jesus began his messianic ministry, one of the first things he did was to call people to follow him as his disciples. His example reminds us that we are not meant to do life and work alone. Like Jesus, we need companions and coworkers. 

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Restoration in Rest

Constant work not only exhausts us, but it exhausts the world around us. It is consumptive. When we choose to build in rhythms of rest and delight, we give those around us and the earth itself a break from our demands.

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A crowd of stormtroopers on display


As I pause to consider the history of Juneteenth, I think about the liberation that Jesus preached as he healed individuals. He never was just about freeing and healing one person. Jesus was always about restoring that person or people group back into the society that had marginalized them.

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