Bible Book: Matthew

A modern-looking crucifix in a church with a beautiful stained glass window behind it

Christ Is at Work in Who?

Those who actually believe the message of the kingdom and try to live it out are the tax collectors and the prostitutes in this passage. The religious leaders had all the knowledge necessary to do the work, but they didn’t follow through. Where are you in this story?

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Christ in the Wilderness by Ivan Kramskoi (1872)

Leadership Wisdom – Divine Encryption

If God cares so much for us, why do we so often experience God’s hiddenness?

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The Return of the Prodigal Son (Rembrandt 1661-1669)

Leadership Wisdom – Divine Disclosure

Does God have feelings for us? If so, what kind of feelings might they be?

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Head of Christ - Rembrandt (c. 1640)

Leadership Wisdom – How Can We Love Our Enemies? (Part 2)

Given how difficult it is to love our enemies, what are some practical tips that help us get started?

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A bronze statue of an ill person reaching out a hand

Leadership Wisdom – Why Should We Love Our Enemies? (Part 2)

Jesus tells us to love our neighbor/enemy because we are made in the image of God. Why else might Jesus have told us to do so?

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Mercy in Jesus’ Name

We are not in charge. We have to take things on faith. We exercise courage. We look for mercy.

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A butterfly perched on a windowsill

Signs of the Kingdom

Where have you seen the kingdom of heaven?

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A sun setting over the water

Leadership Wisdom – Why Should We Love Our Enemies?

Why does Jesus command us to love our enemies? Today, why would Jesus ask us to, say, love a racist?

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Return of the Prodigal Son, after Pompeo Batoni (c. 1800)

Leadership Wisdom – Relentless Generosity

What do love and generosity have to do with business?

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His Master's Voice by Francis Barraud (1898)

Leadership Wisdom – Verbal Fidelity

When we speak, whom do others hear?

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A balcony on a house in Verona that supposedly inspired Romeo and Juliet

A Greater Power Than We Can Contradict

Imagine that you were reading this story for the first time and you didn’t know how it ended. You’d be hearing the growing excitement of the spread of Jesus’s movement, expecting more of the same, and then all of a sudden you would hear that among those commissioned to spread the excitement is one who will betray the Lord. Will that be the end of the story?

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Saint Peter statue outside the Basilica, Vatican, Rome

The Redemptive Imagination of Jesus, Part 3

Jesus sees us as we are, with mercy. Jesus sees us as we shall be, with confident hope. The redemptive imagination of Jesus sets us free from self-doubt and shame so that we might become all that God intends for us.

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The Good Shepherd Carrying a Lamb (Catacombs of Domitilla c. 300-350)

Leadership Wisdom – Covenantal Relationships

What does Jesus’ teaching about divorce have to do with our work as marketplace leaders?

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A sign reading "Mind the Gap" in Victoria Station in London

Leadership Wisdom – Mind the Gap

Sometimes we get so used to things being the way they are that we can’t see things any other way. It is as if we’ve turned “a blind eye” (and not in the sense that Jesus meant it) to the reality of our situation.

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Three people skiing down a mountain

American Idol(s)

Even good things can become idols. Asking how we spend our time, how we spend our money, and where we get our significance can be good indicators of what we truly serve and worship. Jesus’ reminder that we cannot serve two masters is a call to let go of the idols in our lives.

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