Bible Book: Psalm

A wheat field

Workday Prayers: For Joy and Blessing When Work is Painful

Work is often hard—and not just hard, but painful. Yet in our struggles at work, we pray for God’s blessing. We look forward to the joy that is coming even in the midst of our pain.

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The skyline of Jerusalem surrounded by mountains

Workday Prayers: Surrounded by God

As we do our daily work, we are not alone. We are not exposed. God is with us. God surrounds us.

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A notice board reading "God is Faithful" in the middle of a bush

Workday Prayers: God is On Your Side

When you face workplace challenges, when you feel threatened, overwhelmed, and afraid, God is there. God is on your side.

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A group of people meeting in a conference room

Workday Prayers: Focusing on God

At work, we naturally and wisely pay attention to our bosses. But even in the midst of our workday we should be remembering the Big Boss, so to speak. We can focus our hearts on God’s will as we do the work that’s set before us.

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Graffiti reading "PEACE LOVE"

Workday Prayers: Praying for Workplace Peace

Inspired by Psalm 122, today we pray for the fullness of peace in our workplaces.

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A mountain range on a misty day

Workday Prayers: God Is Your Helper

God is revealed to us in Scripture as a worker, the one who made heaven and earth. When we need help in our work, we can turn to God with confidence. God understands. God cares. God is powerful beyond our understanding and ready to help us.

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A pile of painted rocks, the largest one reading "HOPE" in large letters

Workday Prayers: When People at Work Speak Untrue Things About You

When people are speaking untrue things at work, God is there to support and deliver us. We can always cry out to God in our distress.

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A stained glass window featuring a chalice, host, cross, crown of thorns, and Latin inscription

The Lent-iest Lent I Have Ever Lented

It is the Lord who restores our soul, who walks through the valley with us, who spreads a table before us.

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A signpost pointing different directions with a sunset behind it

Workday Prayers: Turn My Heart to You and Your Ways

We all face temptations at work that threaten to turn our heart away from God. So we ask the Lord to keep our hearts pointed in the right direction. We know that true life is found as we walk in God’s ways.

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A person standing in front of a sunset with their arms outstretched

Workday Prayers: Delighting in What We Take for Granted

God has made this day and has given you life. No matter what you’re facing, receive the gift of this day with gratitude.

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Fireworks going off above a lake at night

Workday Prayers: Celebrate God’s Love and Faithfulness as You Work

As you work today, praise the Lord because God loves you and is always faithful.

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Lawn sign that says "God's servant at work"

Workday Prayers: Praying as God’s Servant

Though we take on a variety of roles in our daily work – employee, boss, manager, subordinate, worker, laborer, executive, etc. – in all of life we are God’s servant. May we see ourselves in this way at work, no matter the titles or roles we fulfill.

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A man sitting at a table in an office with bright sun streaming in the windows

Workday Prayers: Glorify God in Your Work

We have a variety of motivations for our work, and this can be just fine. But in all we do, our ultimate motivation should be the glory of God. We have been created and saved so that we might live for the praise of God’s glory at work, rest, and play.

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Mt. Hermon and the Sea of Tiberias

The Pleasure of Unity

Though our relationships can be a source of pain and frustration, when we are living and working together in unity, this can be “very good and pleasant.” That’s what we learn from Psalm 133. Working, leading, and sharing life with others can be a generous and delightful gift of God. 

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Two wooden mannequins who appear to be fighting each other

Relationships Can Be Difficult

Though it’s true that if we want to experience the best life has to offer we can’t do it alone, this doesn’t mean sharing life and leadership with others is easy. Relationships with other people can foster some of the greatest joy in life and some of the greatest pain. Recognizing this reality encourages us to reach out to God for help. Through God’s grace in Christ, we are able to be patient with each other, to put up with and forgive those with whom we are “doing” the Christian life. 

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