Bible Book: Psalms

The Weary Worker Rejoices

I am weary and so are you. I learned why from a treasured mentor. “The pandemic was not one crisis,” he explained, “it was four crises. We experienced a health crisis, an economic crisis, a racial crisis, and a political crisis all at the same time.” The crises washed over us like waves.

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Bunches of grapes hanging on the vine

Workday Prayers: Celebrating God’s Blessing in Our Work

We work in response to God’s blessing.

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A woman sitting in bed late at night in the dark working on a laptop

Workday Prayers: Worshiping Work

Our work can become an idol, something we worship rather than a way for us to worship God.

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Dawn breaking over a river

When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 2

The soul that is reminded by the word will point to life and light worth waiting for—light worth watching for in the darkness.

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A neon sign that says "Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting"

When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 1

Out of an abyss of sorts the Psalmist makes a song of ascent.

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A father or grandfather holding a toddler on the beach

Workday Prayers: Seek God’s Presence Continually

God is present as you work. Pay attention and you’ll see God’s face.

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A reindeer in a stream

Workday Prayers: Celebrating God’s Work

God’s work satisfies us, fills us, nourishes us.

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People rushing up and down the stairs of a building

“Are You Keeping Busy?”

Our culture idolizes and rewards busyness. Although work is a good part of God’s plan for humankind, God does not intend us to be constantly busy. Instead, he invites us to daily, weekly, and seasonal times of rest. Choosing to build rest into the rhythms of our lives is one of the most important steps of faith we can take.

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The hands of a carpenter working at a lathe

Workday Prayers: Bless the Lord Through Your Work

You can bless the Lord today through your works.

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An abstract infinity symbol made out of light

Workday Prayers: Remembering What Lasts Forever

Though your work matters, only God lasts forever.

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Someone's hands working a rusty machine

Praying on Labor Day

“Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain” (Psalm 127:1). But when we work for God’s glory, when we dedicate our work to God, when we allow God to work in and through us by the Spirit, then “in the Lord your labor is not in vain” (1 Corinthians 15:58).

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A person's hand holding up a small clear globe that reflects the woods around them

Workday Prayers: A Prayer for Integrity

For the Christian, integrity is essential in every part of life, including our daily work.

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Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone Park

Workday Prayers: Thanks for God’s Faithfulness

All of us go through hard times at work. Sometimes we wonder if God is even there to help us.

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Statue of Jesus with outstretched arms in Lissabon, Portugal

Workday Prayers: To the Lover of Justice

No matter our particular role or responsibility, we can work to see that all people with whom we work are treated equitably as people created in God’s own image.

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orchestra waiting to begin

Workday Prayers: Praising God with the Products of Work

God is honored today when we offer our work in worship, even if we’re not able to craft musical instruments for use in church. All our work can be done for God’s glory.

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