Bible Book: Psalms

A man praying in a dark room with his hands and head against the wall

Workday Prayers: For Times of Deep Despair

Psalm 88 gives us permission to tell the Lord exactly what we think and feel when life is unbearably hard, without holding back.

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A time-lapse photo of a busy street in Thailand

Workday Prayers: God Loves the City

May our work bless, not only the Lord, but also the cities and city people whom God loves.

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A calendar book open to July 2021, a pencil, and a vase of flowers

The Blessing of Ordinary Time

God’s mercies are new every morning. And, with the psalm writer, we bless God every day.

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Cherry blossoms blooming on tree branches

What Does Flourishing Show Us?

When I flourish, I am inspired to offer praise and thanks to God, who by grace enables me to live fully and fruitfully.

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Did I Miss My Chance to Flourish?

You may truly believe you’ve missed your chance to flourish.

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A young child playing on the floor with a paper heart

Workday Prayers: When You Have a Divided Heart

Sometimes we experience divided hearts in our workplaces.

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An elderly couple standing in a field of yellow flowers

Unexpected Flourishing

According to Psalm 92, the righteous will flourish and be fruitful even “in old age.”

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A group of teenage girls sitting on a bench in a garden in prayer

Where are You Planted? Part 2

Scripture reveals that our flourishing depends on a meaningful, committed community with other Christians.

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Temple Mount in Jerusalem seen from the Mount of Olives

Where are You Planted? Part 1

If we want to flourish in life, if we want to live fully and fruitfully, then we need to develop an intimate, growing relationship with Jesus.

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Sun shining through a grove of California redwoods

How is Your Root System?

If you think of yourself as a tree, what is the condition of your root system?

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