Bible Book: Romans

We Do Pray for Mercy

The calling of the Gentiles is a marvelous thing, but it complements the Hebrew story and does not replace it.

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Two swords crossed across a shield as an ornament on a heavy medieval door

More Than Conquerors

Paul lays out a picture in Romans 6-8, not of good people to whom bad things never happen, but of redeemed people on whose behalf Christ intercedes.

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The word "FORGIVE" carved into a concrete sidewalk

While We Were Yet Sinners

We will no doubt fail during Ordinary Time. And when we do, we can turn, confess our sin, and return to the Lord who forgives.

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A woman outside in a park painting a picture of the flowers surrounding her

Far More Than We Can Imagine

As we grow in the exercise of our imaginations, may we always remember that God is able to do far more than we could ever imagine. There are limits to our imaginative capacities. Yet may we also remember that the power that enables God to do more than we could ever imagine resides within us. The very Spirit of God will move in and through our imaginations to help us share in God’s redemptive work in this world, whether we’re at work or at home, in worship or in our neighborhoods, in the studio or in the soup kitchen. May our imaginations be set free to share more fully and fruitfully in God’s mission in the world.

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A sign on a city street reading "DON'T GIVE UP"

Hopeful Imagination

Hopeful imagination comes not from our personal effort to “look on the bright side” or “have a good attitude.” Rather, we can imagine the goodness of God’s future because God has revealed it to us, however incompletely. Moreover, when we find it hard to hope, the Spirit of God helps us, praying for us and inspiring our imaginations to “see” the goodness of God’s future.

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A rainbow of crayola crayons standing upright in front of a brown box

How Thinking Differently Can Unleash Your Imagination

If you wish to develop your imagination, by all means “think differently.” Be willing to think in new ways, to take risks, to unleash your imagination. Let the Spirit of God transform your thinking so that you might not be conformed to this world. As you do this, find companions who are willing to support you and encourage your creativity. Moreover, let your imagination be molded and inspired by the God whose “thoughts are not your thoughts.”

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A man sitting in a room thoughtfully staring at his laptop

Imagination Renewed for Whole-Life Worship

If our imaginations are going to be used for good, we need to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. As God restores our mental capacities – including our imaginations – we are able to discern God’s will with greater accuracy and clarity. Thus, we can evaluate wisely the things we imagine. And we can live each day as an act of worship to God.

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Two people sitting on a couch holding hands and praying or crying together

Weeping Together

Romans 12:15 urges us to “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” This verse encourages us to share all of life with our sisters and brothers in Christ. When wonderful things happen in our lives, we need to let others know. And when sad things come upon us, we need to share them as well. As we do, we will experience the extraordinary unity we have in Christ, a unity that is not just theologically essential, but also experientially heartfelt and transformational.

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A duck on a log in a river, silhouetted against the sun

The Promised Liberation of Creation

The suffering of nature—what Paul refers to as creation—is the result of sin: of human’s not caring for creation as God intended. All creation suffers along with God’s image-bearing human children. The good news is that God’s redemptive plan includes not only bringing his image-bearing children into freedom and glory, liberating us from our bondage to sin, but also God liberating all of creation.

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Three young people jumping up and down on a snow-covered sidewalk

Rejoicing Together

As we experience genuine community with our sisters and brothers in Christ, we’ll share with them in the best times and the worst times. Thus it says in Romans, “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” If we’re going to rejoice with others, we need to focus on them, not ourselves. When we have walked with someone through hard times, the joy we feel when good things happen to them is even stronger. 

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A woman standing on the seashore looking into a sunrise

Be Ready (Part 1)

Wake from sleep, be ready, and live honorably, Paul writes to the Romans—and to us—because you never know when the day of Christ’s coming, so near for so long, will finally arrive.

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A crowd of people in a dark room in front of a sign that says "JESUS" with their hands raised in worship

Consumerism and Worship

Contrary to a mentality of consumerism, when we gather for worship we should not be shopping for an experience. Worship is a response to what God has already done for us, and an act of love and obligation toward our brothers and sisters in Christ. Worship is not about ourselves.

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A homeless man sheltering in front of a fancy store with sale signs in the windows

Resisting Conformance to Consumerism

Followers of Christ are called to resist conforming to the patterns of this world. As we work to avoid conforming to our culture, it is helpful to critically think through what those patterns of our culture are, and how they influence us.

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A black and white image from deep inside a well showing beautiful sunlight at the top

No Pit So Deep

In times of trial—which there will be no shortage of for believers—we can know and feel that the Triune God is with us.

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A man looking up at a star-filled sky

Called According to God’s Purpose

In our words and our works, we can partner with God as he unites all things in Christ.

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