Bible Chapter: 1 Thessalonians 1

A helicopter resucing someone on a rope


Remembering that Jesus rescues us in both future and present ways encourages us to live with energy and purpose today.

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Turning to God from Idols

We do have our own “idols,” the things we value most of all, the things that can keep us from full devotion to God. The example of the Christians in Thessalonica encourages us to turn away from our “idols” so we can serve God completely.

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A case full of metal type

Are You Jesus’ Type?

The more we grow in our relationship with Christ, the more we will become like him. As this happens, our example will inspire others to become Jesus’s type of person as well.

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A woman walking down the street holding the hand of a little girl, probably her daughter

Are You a Leader People Should Imitate?

People will imitate you, especially if you’re a leader. So, it would be good to ask yourself the question: “Am I a leader people should imitate?”

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A father holding his baby

Whom Do You Imitate?

From our earliest days, we imitate the people around us. This is one of the main ways we learn how to live.

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A hand reaching out, wearing a bracelet that says "Spread Love"

Are You Living the Gospel?

You may want to ask yourself today: Am I living the gospel I believe? Is the good news of Jesus evident in the way I treat others?

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A young child hugging a grandmother

You Are Beloved by God

The Bible celebrates the fact that God loves the world. But God’s love is not just for the whole world. Scripture teaches us that God loves each individual, including you.

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Laity Lodge looking out over the Frio river

Steadfastness of Hope, Part 2

Centuries ago, some Christians in the Greek city of Thessalonica had hope in Jesus Christ and his future kingdom. This hope enabled them to hang in there even in difficult times.

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A pile of brightly covered rocks with the one in the middle reading "HOPE"

Steadfastness of Hope, Part 1

We live in a time of increasing hopelessness. Yet genuine Christian faith leads to “steadfastness of hope.”

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A mother holding a newborn baby

Labor of Love

Love isn’t always a matter of sweetness and romance. Often, genuine love leads to labor, a difficult and even painful action.

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Someone's hands as they sit near a laptop and talk

Work of Faith

Genuine faith isn’t just something inside. It is expressed in action, in words and deeds, even in our daily work.

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Encouragement to Share Your Thanks with Others

When we share our thanks for people with those people, it encourages them. It strengthens our relationships.

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Graffiti that says "Each day that I wake I give thanks"

Encouragement to Be Thankful

The Apostle Paul and his colleagues consistently thanked God for the Christians in Thessalonica. Their example encourages us to give thanks on a regular basis for the people who matter to us.

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The words "Peace on Earth" written in chalk on a sidewalk

Grace to You and Peace . . . Really

New Testament letters often begin with the salutation, “Grace to you and peace.”

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Lawmakers meeting in the Chamber of Deputies of the Italian parliament in Rome

When the Church Is Not the Church

The biblical use of ekklēsia reminds us that our churches are not to be self-contained and self-absorbed groups of Christians. Rather, we’re to be assemblies of God’s authorized people who bring the good news, peace, and justice of God to the places where we live.

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