Bible Chapter: 1 Thessalonians 2

Mark's son Nathan standing on top of Mt. Whitney holding a sign reading "14,505 feet"

Take the Long View

In writing to the Thessalonians, Paul and his colleague take the long view of their work. They see what they’re doing in the moment as related to what will happen when Christ returns. Their example encourages us to see our lives in light of the future—our future, to be sure, but also God’s future.

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When Leaders Are Like Children

Wise and emotionally healthy leaders will know when to function in the diverse roles associated with their leadership. They will know that there is a time to exhort as a father, to nourish as a mother, and even to feel childlike affection for the people they lead.

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Opposition to the Gospel

Jesus called us to love all of our neighbors, and even our enemies.

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Living the Energizing Gospel

What difference will the energizing good news of the gospel make in our daily lives?

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The Energizing Gospel

We are people in whom the gospel is at work.

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A man standing on a mountaintop with his arms outstretched

Lead a Life Worthy of God

The example of the Apostle Paul and his colleagues reminds us that our leadership isn’t all about us.

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Leading Like an Unusual Father

In your workplace – today, may God give you the grace to encourage those with whom you interact: your colleagues, your subordinates, your superiors, your customers, your vendors, your clients, and all others.

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How to Earn Trust

Trust in leaders is near or at an all-time low. Thus, we who lead need to earn people’s trust by the way we live day to day, month to month, year to year.

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The Surprising Value of Ordinary Work

Paul’s example encourages us to value “ordinary work” as a way to respond to God’s callings in our life.

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A Model for Mentors

1 Thessalonians encourages mentors to care deeply for their mentees and to share their “soul” with their mentees when it is appropriate.

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Reasons for Tender Gentleness

The Christian gospel reveals a God who became humble and vulnerable in Jesus Christ, a God who did far more than point to a way of salvation.

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Cultural Engagement and Critical Thinking

As we engage with popular writings about life and leadership, we too should learn to think critically and thoughtfully, making sure that our perspectives are consistent with the gospel.

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Gentle as a Nurse

We often hear about leaders as people who are strong, decisive, tough, and driven. The letter of 1 Thessalonians in the New Testament gives us a strikingly different picture of leadership..

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Don’t Throw Your Weight Around

We must exercise the authority we’ve been given to serve others, not to Lord it over them.

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Whose Pleasure Matters Most?

The example of Paul and his colleagues in 1 Thessalonians encourages us to seek to please God most of all in everything we do.

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