Bible Chapter: 2 Corinthians 5

A wooden crucifix

What God Did on Good Friday

As we remember the death of Jesus on Good Friday, we rightly recall the events of his Passion. As we do, let us also remember what God, the Triune God, was doing on Good Friday. God was taking our sin off of our shoulders and bearing it for us. God was paying the penalty for sin so that we might begin a right relationship with God, and through God, with other people.

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Ambassadors for Christ

You are an ambassador of Christ. You have been authorized to bring the good news of God’s grace to those who so desperately need to hear it. So, if you seek to represent Christ well, by all means share the message. And by all means live it too! Love your neighbors and even your enemies so that, through you, people might come to know the love of God in Christ.

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From Enemies to Friends

What astounding good news! We who were once God’s enemies have now been made God’s friends through God’s grace in Christ.

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The Christian Multiverse

As Christians, we live in a kind of multiverse. Though we affirm the painful reality of our mortality, at the same time we believe that in Christ there is a new creation. Thus we live in the tension between the old and the new, the mortal and the immortal. When we get a taste of the world to come, this gives us hope and helps us to press on in this life for God’s purposes and glory. 

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Living for Christ

Today is Monday of Holy Week, a time when we remember in a special way the death of Christ and the difference it makes in our lives. One aspect of that difference appears in 2 Corinthians 5:15. There we see that because Christ died for us, we ought to live for him most of all, for his kingdom and glory, for his plans and purposes. Today we ask ourselves: For whom am I really living? 

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Riding the Rapids of Christ’s Love

Even as the banks of a river propel the water forward and direct its flow, so the love of Christ for the world can motivate us and guide our actions.

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Aiming to Please God

Whether we are at home with the Lord or away, whether we are at work or school, whether we are at church or shopping for groceries, whether we are teaching a class or sweeping a floor, whether we are writing a sermon or closing a deal, whether we’re feeding the hungry or hanging out with our friends, no matter what we are doing we make it our aim to please the Lord.

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The Holy Spirit as Earnest Money

In this mortal life we will struggle and suffer. We will experience life mixed with death. But beyond physical death we will enter into the fullness of life. Our “perishable” bodies will put on “imperishability” and our “mortal” bodies will put on “immortality” (1 Cor 15:53). That sounds marvelous, but we may wonder if this is really going to happen or if it’s just wishful thinking. 2 Corinthians 5:5 shows that the Holy Spirit supplies God’s response to our wondering. The Spirit reassures us of the future we have in God. Someday we will experience life in all of its fullness and joy.

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Groaning, Longing, and Swallowed Up

2 Corinthians talks about groaning as something human beings experience in this life. We groan with pain. We groan over sadness and injustice. But we also groan with longing. We groan as we hope for the day when God makes all things new, including us. In that time, we won’t be consumed by death. Rather, we will be swallowed up by life.

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A forest glade on the side of a mountain, looking out at more mountains and beyond them the sea

Turning Point

The people of God are not yet all the way to the place God has called them to be. But they are far enough along that they can stop, rest, begin to settle in, and survey the ground.

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