Bible Chapter: Acts 2

Shelves of food at a food pantry

The Elephant in the Room

What do we do about the needy and exploited among us? If we have much, how can we help those who have little? If we have little, what can we expect from those who have much?

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Beautifully painted eggs on a blue glass plate

Yes, Virginia, There is a Sunday After Easter

Even as we are recovering from Holy Week’s liturgy marathon—even as we are trying to bring the message of Easter to our daily life and work—even as we doubt and wonder and pray and look for continued transformation—Jesus is with us.

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People eating dinner together at a restaurant

The Holy Spirit Brings Us Together, Part 1

A few weeks after the death and resurrection of Jesus, during the Jewish holiday of Pentecost, God filled the followers of Jesus with the Holy Spirit. Because of their witness, over 3,000 people joined the fellowship of Jesus-followers. They didn’t just believe new things and go to church on Sunday. Rather, they became deeply engaged with their sisters and brothers in Christ. Their example of deep and extensive community teaches and challenges us. How might we be more connected to our sisters and brothers in Christ? 

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