Bible Chapter: Colossians 3

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Not Doing It Alone Isn’t Easy

Being part of a gracious, loving Christian community is wonderful. But sometimes it’s also hard to be in relationship with others, even as it’s hard for them to be in relationship with me. We need God’s grace to be patient, to put up with each other, and, when we are wronged, to forgive. 

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Barriers to Gratitude

Our lives would be better if they were filled with gratitude. They’d also be consistent with biblical teaching and example. But sometimes it’s hard to be grateful. Various barriers can get in the way: busyness, inattention, hesitation about depending on others, or a sense of entitlement. If, by God’s grace, we can address the barriers to gratitude in our lives, then we’ll find it easier to do and say everything with thanksgiving. 

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"Thank you" typed on a paper in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Dutch

Live Who You Are . . . Thankfully

We can live with gratitude even in difficult times.

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Thanks, Thanks, and More Thanks

Again and again, Scripture calls us to be thankful. Why is gratitude so important?

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Everything . . . Everything!

Scripture calls us to do everything in the name of Jesus, not just the “spiritual stuff,” not just the things we do at church, but everything.

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The Word in Worshipful Singing

When we sing in worship, we are singing to God.

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Let the Word of Christ Dwell Richly

The gospel should live fully and freely in our Christian communities.

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Let the Peace of Christ Rule

Christ’s death on the cross did more than provide an opportunity for individual salvation. It also paved the way for peace between divided and hostile peoples.

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A man wearing a hat that says "LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR"

Clothe Yourselves with Love

As we seek to “clothe ourselves” with a way of life that imitates Jesus, we are to put on love, most of all.

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Forgive Each Other

According to Colossians, when someone bugs us, we’re to put up with them. But when somebody actually sins against us, we’re to forgive.

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Put Up With Each Other

The Bible says we’re to put up with each other. This doesn’t mean we tolerate actual sin or true injustice.

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Counter-Cultural Clothing

Scripture says we’re to “clothe ourselves” with “compassion, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience.”

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Remember Who You Are

God’s relationship with you tells you who you are. You are chosen, holy, and beloved.

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Live Who You Are: Introduction

In a time when we’re emerging from a pandemic (we hope!), when churches are rethinking their mission in a changing world, when cultural pressures tempt us to foster division in our congregations and communities, and when many of us aren’t quite sure what it means to be faithfully and distinctively Christian, we need to hear focused and fitting teaching of Colossians 3:12-17.

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