Bible Chapter: Exodus 18

A group of people in a circle joining hands at the center

Moses Didn’t Do It Alone, Part 8

Exodus 18 reminds us that wise delegation is essential if we’re not going to “do it alone.” We must delegate appropriately if our work is going to be both successful and sustainable. But even the very best delegation doesn’t eliminate the need for God’s presence and guidance. Only with God’s help will we be able to delegate and manage in a way that leads to productivity and peace. 

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Moses Didn’t Do It Alone, Part 7

The example of Moses challenges and encourages us to be humble leaders. This means we will be open to receiving advice from others and, at times, even criticism. Our top commitment will be, not to our own egos, but rather to the flourishing of whatever it is we’re leading: a company, a school, a city, a church, a non-profit, a studio, or a family. In this way we will not do it alone.

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Moses Didn’t Do It Alone, Part 6

After leading the Israelites out of Egypt, Moses sought to govern them. But that task was more than he could handle. His father-in-law, out of care for Moses, encouraged him to delegate substantial portions of his work. Moses listened to his father-in-law and gave many of his responsibilities to others. Moses was able to receive criticism from his father-in-law because of his obvious care for Moses and his commitment to the work Moses was doing.

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