Bible Chapter: Exodus 4

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Moses Didn’t Do It Alone, Part 3

No matter what you’re facing today, no matter how overwhelming it might feel, no matter how limited you might feel, there is good news. First, God is with you to help you. Second, God is gracious and patient with you. Third, in the right time and right way, God will bring people into your life as partners and supporters. No matter what God is calling you to today, you don’t have to do it alone because God and God’s people are with you. 

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Moses Didn’t Do It Alone, Part 2

Though God’s promise to be with us should be enough to give us the courage to do whatever God asks of us, sometimes we hesitate because we’re aware of our own shortcomings. That’s what Moses did when God called him at the burning bush. But God did not reject Moses. Rather, God graciously supplied a partner whose strengths made up for Moses’s weaknesses. God often assures us that God is with us through the people in our lives.

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