Bible Chapter: Genesis 3

A red, juicy apple hanging on a tree

The Downside of Imagination

God has given us the gift of imagination so that we might fulfill our divine callings to serve and glorify God in all we do. What the human imagination inspires can be wonderful. But it can also be terrible. As we see in Genesis 3, the imagination can lead us to turn away from God and God’s purposes. Thus, like the rest of us, our imagination needs to be redeemed and renewed so that it might be used for human good and God’s glory. 

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A woman with a cross of ashes on her forehead

The Dustiness of Lent

On Ash Wednesday many Christians throughout the world will hear some version of these familiar words: “Dust you are and to dust you will return.” Today we are reminded of our mortality, of the way sin has hurt and corrupted us. Today we sense once again how much we need a Savior. Today we begin to prepare our hearts for the celebration of Jesus the Savior, whose death and resurrection give us true life. Today, we start to get ready for Good Friday and Easter. 

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Why We Do It Alone

God intended human beings to live in genuine, loving, collaborative community with each other. But sin messed up God’s beautiful creation. Because of sin, we hide from each other, blame each other, wound each other, and abandon each other. Yet God has not abandoned us in our aloneness. Rather, God has extended grace to us through Christ so that we might live and work in community with God and people.

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A shepherd in the mountains with a flock of sheep

Work Harmed and Redeemed

Sin and death impact all of our labors in many ways: we labor toward evil ends, or with evil motives; we become greedy or prideful about our work; our relationships are harmed by sin, and broken community also negatively impacts our labors.

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A woman with a cross on her forehead

Dust in the Wind: A Devotion for Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday, Christians throughout the world acknowledge our dustiness, our sinfulness, our mortality.

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