Bible Chapter: Matthew 5

The Good Shepherd Carrying a Lamb (Catacombs of Domitilla c. 300-350)

Leadership Wisdom – Covenantal Relationships

What does Jesus’ teaching about divorce have to do with our work as marketplace leaders?

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A sign reading "Mind the Gap" in Victoria Station in London

Leadership Wisdom – Mind the Gap

Sometimes we get so used to things being the way they are that we can’t see things any other way. It is as if we’ve turned “a blind eye” (and not in the sense that Jesus meant it) to the reality of our situation.

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The Red Vineyard by Vincent Van Gogh (1888)

Leadership Wisdom – Showing Up In Relationship

What’s Jesus’ issue with the religious teachers of his day? What went wrong for them and what might we learn as leaders today?

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Simeon and Anna in the Temple by Rembrandt van Rijn (1627-28)

Leadership Wisdom – Showing Up In Person

Human beings are creatures in whom and with whom the Maker of the Universe has chosen to dwell, and through whom God intends to work his purpose in the world. And that should make us look differently at each person we serve and lead.

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Four lit Advent candles

Leadership Wisdom – You are the Light of the World

Isn’t Jesus the light of the world? In what sense are we?

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A salt shaker full of salt

Leadership Wisdom – You are the Salt of the Earth

How does being “salt” relate to our work of being leaders?

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