Bible Chapter: Psalm 119

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Workday Prayers: Turn My Heart to You and Your Ways

We all face temptations at work that threaten to turn our heart away from God. So we ask the Lord to keep our hearts pointed in the right direction. We know that true life is found as we walk in God’s ways.

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Hoping for God’s Salvation and the Difference It Makes

In the season of Advent we hope for God’s salvation. Though we have already begun to experience this salvation through Christ, we recognize that there is much more salvation yet to come. This salvation is deeply personal and broadly expansive. The God who saves is in the process of making all things new. Our hope for this salvation inspires us to live today in light of the future. Everything we do should reflect the salvation of God.

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Hoping in God’s Word

When we know God as our hiding place, it makes sense for us to put our hope in God’s word. We long for God’s vision of a world restored, a world filled with peace, justice, and righteousness. We hope for God to act in light of God’s promises in Scripture. 

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