Bible Chapter: Psalm 130

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Waiting Hopefully in Advent

As we wait upon God, we wait with hope. Why? Because of who God is, how God has acted, and how God has spoken. Most of all, we wait hopefully because of God’s self-revelation in Jesus Christ.

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Waiting Intensely in Advent

Sometimes our waiting isn’t particularly urgent or heartfelt. At other times, however, we wait intensely. It’s as if every fiber of our being is focused on what is coming. In Advent, as we wait for the coming of Christ our waiting becomes intense when we realize what Christ brings: the fullness of God’s kingdom, healing of all diseases, justice for the oppressed, mending of broken relationships, and the wiping away of every tear. Reflecting on the future coming of Christ increases the intensity of our Advent waiting. 

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When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 2

The soul that is reminded by the word will point to life and light worth waiting for—light worth watching for in the darkness.

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When the Soul Watches for Him, Part 1

Out of an abyss of sorts the Psalmist makes a song of ascent.

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