Bible Chapter: Revelation 21

A happy woman holding a happy toddler in a flower garden

No More Weeping

Revelation 21 gives us a glimpse of the age to come in which God wipes away every tear. In that age, there will be no more sorrow or weeping. Yet we will not be isolated on some heavenly cloud for all eternity. Rather, we will experience community with God and people in an altogether new way. We won’t even be inclined to “do it alone” because we will be free to flourish in and through our relationships with God and others.

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The word "NEW" stenciled onto a brick wall

God is Making All Things New

On this day in which we celebrate a new year, may we even more celebrate the One who will make all things new. May we rejoice in the fact that we get to experience a foretaste of this renewal in our lives today. And, in 2023, may we be available to God who wishes to use us as agents of renewal in this world.

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