Longing for Fruitfulness in the Third Third of Life

 A few weeks ago I was talking with a woman who had recently retired from an impressive professional career. Though she was enjoying her…

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Calling: You Have One!

This devotion is taken from the small group and devotional guide, Calling in the Third Third of Life. To learn more about this guide…

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Webinar: Building and Rebuilding Joy
in the Third Third of Life

We’re all in the building-rebuilding process when it comes to joy in the third third of life.

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Expanding Our Intergenerational Horizons

Recently, the De Pree Center hosted a fascinating webinar with three experts in intergenerational collaboration. I greatly enjoyed interviewing Eunice Lin Nichols, Raymond Jetson,…

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Why It Was Great for Me, a 63-Year-Old, to See Godzilla vs. Kong

Yesterday evening I saw the recently released film Godzilla vs. Kong. If you’re not familiar with this particular movie, you can probably imagine what…

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Webinar: Purposeful Retirement:
Live Well as You Make a Difference that Matters

Do you want retirement to be filled with purpose? 

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Webinar: Intergenerational Collaboration:
A Key to Third Third Flourishing and Transformed Communities

The De Pree Center is excited to host a webinar with three people who are doing innovative work bringing generations together.

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How to Live Forever – A Review of the Book by Marc Freedman

I know what you might be thinking: “Mark, I can’t believe you’ve stooped this low! You’re reviewing a book about how to live forever?!…

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Keep On Keepin’ On – A Review

To be honest, I don’t watch many documentaries. When I find enough time to view a whole film, I prefer something fictional, something into…

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A Third Third Perspective on the American Inauguration

To begin, let me state plainly that this article is not meant to be partisan. What I’d like to say about the recent inauguration…

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Webinar: Living on the Encore Curve

Webinar with Andy Raub, hosted by Mark Roberts.

People in the third third of life aren’t stuck in the Decline Phase. Rather, they can live with purpose, productivity, and joy on the Encore Curve.

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Purpose is Key to Third Third Flourishing

We often think of finding a purpose in life as something young adults need to do. It’s crucial for folks in their late teens…

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Do You Want to Live to 100?
A Review of Growing Young by Marta Zaraska

Do You Want to Live to 100? A Review of Growing Young by Marta Zaraska by Mark D. Roberts, Ph.D. Science journalist and author…

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Hope in the New Year: Implications for Third Third Living

I read a fascinating and surprising article recently: “Hope for the Next Year and Beyond.” It appeared on the Psychology Today blog and was…

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The Road Ahead for Third Third: Why I’m Excited About It

I’d like to share with you my recent experience leading a Road Ahead group for folks in the third third of life. I want…

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