Church Leadership Initiative Journal

How NOT to Waste a Crisis–The Delta Variant Edition

It has been a year since I wrote this article commending the Church Leaders that I have worked with for their resilience and creativity…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #2

Ted on Real Winning: It’s much more than just the score Take Away: Ted cares more about developing character than winning.  Key Point: Formational…

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Lasso Leadership Lessons: #1

“Ignorant and Curious”: Cynicism, Mentors and Being the Best Version of Ourselves Take Away: Leadership begins with a commitment to be the best version…

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Hybrid Course: Forming Leadership Resilience

Based on Tempered Resilience: How Leaders are Formed for the Crucible of Change, this course is for leaders who know that their capacity to…

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Surviving the Heat of the Crucible of Leadership

In blacksmithing, through a slow, deliberate, repetitive—and sometimes dangerous—process of heating, holding, hammering, and quenching, steel becomes a tool that is both beautiful and useful. And leaders go through a similar process.

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Vulnerability, Resilience, and Partnership:
Formation for Confronting Injustice

Tempered resilience comes through a formational process that is vulnerable, relational, and often feels very costly for the leader.

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