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Supporting Pastors in the Acute Crises of Leadership

The Anvil Leadership Support Network is a group of spiritual directors, therapists, and coaches who have partnered with the Church Leadership Institute to make themselves available for short-term support of pastors and Christian organizational leaders going through a season of intense leadership challenges. Functioning as a trained wise mentor to support a leader through moments of acute crisis, The Anvil Network supplies 6 sessions of personalized spiritual, emotional, or leadership support for Christian pastors and leaders who are in the midst of a particularly challenging leadership crucible. Our administrator will help you determine the specific kind of support depending on your specific needs.

How can your need be met? With a personalized referral to one of these professionals:

  • Christian counselors and psychologists: to help address your emotional and psychological needs
  • Spiritual directors: to help address your personal spiritual needs, questions, and doubts
  • Christian leadership and church management coaches: to help diagnose and address your leadership, organizational challenges and decisions, and priorities

The purpose of our network is to get you through short-term acute crisis and into the adaptive stage where you can do long-term work to bring long-term transformation change within your congregation and in your own life.

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