Devotional Series: Can't Do It Alone

Excerpts from the famous Sistine Chapel painting of the creation by Michelangelo, showing just Adam's hand and God's hand

God Didn’t Do It Alone

God could have chosen to redeem and restore humanity without enduring the messiness of human collaboration. But, amazingly enough, God chose to partner with human beings in this crucial work, beginning with Abraham, Sarah, and their retinue. So it is today. God wants to work in you and through you to accomplish God’s purposes on earth. God has chosen not to do it alone.

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A group of people riding through the desert on camels

Abraham Didn’t Do It Alone

The story of Abraham shows us that when it comes to following God’s call, we can’t do it alone. When it comes to receiving the completeness of God’s redemption, we can’t do it alone. And when it comes to delighting in the fullness of God’s blessing, we can’t do it alone

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A woman holding out three apples

Why We Do It Alone

God intended human beings to live in genuine, loving, collaborative community with each other. But sin messed up God’s beautiful creation. Because of sin, we hide from each other, blame each other, wound each other, and abandon each other. Yet God has not abandoned us in our aloneness. Rather, God has extended grace to us through Christ so that we might live and work in community with God and people.

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A sad young woman lying on a bed

Confronting an Epidemic of Loneliness

There is an epidemic of loneliness in the United States. Older adults are lonely. Millennials are lonely. Young people are lonely. Yet, God once said that it is not good for people to be alone. Not only will God help us to experience the warmth of human community, but also God will use us to reach out with love and grace to those who are struggling with loneliness.

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People picking crops in a rainy field

Fruitful in Relationship

You can do good through your individual efforts, to be sure. But you will only experience full and true fruitfulness in relationship with others. If you want to make a difference that matters in this world, you can’t do it alone. Community is essential for fruitful living.

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A number of young people sitting looking out at a lake with their arms linked

Can’t Do It Alone

If you want to flourish in life, you can’t do it alone. God created you to live, work, and love in community with others. Relationships are essential for human flourishing in every season of life. No matter who you are or what you’re facing in life, remember: Can’t Do It Alone. 

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