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Explore below to find the perfect in-person or virtual gathering to connect with others and help you respond faithfully to God’s callings in all seasons of life and leadership.

Webinar: Innovation for Vocation, Oct 22 at 10 AM (PDT)

Webinar by Scott Cormode, hosted by Michaela O’Donnell Long

This webinar will describe how Scott’s research on innovation can help us reinvent the Christian practice of vocation.

Webinar: The Power of Purpose in a Pandemic
– October 8 at 10 AM (PDT)

Webinar by Richard & Leona Bergstrom, hosted by Mark D. Roberts

This webinar will help those in the third third of life discover a new sense of purpose that will focus and empower them in the midst of the pandemic.

Webinar: The Innovative Church

Webinar by Scott Cormode, hosted by Tod Bolsinger

This webinar will describe a process for innovation that any congregation can adapt to their own context and setting.

Webinar: Flourishing in the Third Third of Life

Webinar by Mark Roberts

This webinar explores how to serve the “third thirders” in your ministries as well as think in new ways about your own future.

Webinar: Resilience in a (Permanent) Crisis: Practices for Christian Leaders

Webinar by Tod Bolsinger and Mark Roberts

This webinar will help enable us to be resilient leaders in a time of great challenges and opportunities.

Webinar: Designing Your Work Life

Webinar by Dave Evans

Based on his new book, Designing Your Work Life, New York Times bestselling author, Dave Evans will talk about our life and work design in light of the pandemic.

Webinar: Christian Innovation in Uncharted Territory

Webinar by Tod Bolsinger and Michaela O’Donnell Long

Hear about our collective need to learn the skills for courageous and wise innovation in a season of massive disruption.

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