Feedback & Surveys

What Do You Think of Our Content and Resources?

We’d love to hear what you think of our content and the resources we produce. We have multiple ways to provide your input below. If you could give us a couple minutes of your time, we’d be most grateful.

Content Evaluation

1-3 Minute Evaluation for General Content

Provide your feedback about our digital Devotional Guides, Workbooks, or online articles (like Life for Leaders).

Road Ahead Evaluation

3-5 Minute Evaluation for Road Ahead

Provide your feedback about your Road Ahead experience to help us improve and update the program.

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Third Third Survey

5-7 Minute Survey about your Third Third experiences

As we develop our Third Third Initiative, we would love to hear from you about your stories and experiences in the third third of life.

Road Ahead Themes Survey

3-5 Minute Survey for Road Ahead Guides

Provide your feedback as a Road Ahead Guide to capture the key themes and observations about your cohort.

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Personal Flourishing Survey for Highland Park Presbyterian Church

10-15 Minute Survey about your Personal Flourishing

This survey will ask about your personal flourishing, for when we flourish in life, we experience significant well-being and fruitfulness.

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