Leading Like Nehemiah in a Crisis
New Fuller Formation Resource

July 20, 2020 • Article, De Pree Journal

Suddenly, an unexpected crisis hits, and you’re a leader. In addition to navigating the havoc it may wreak on your personal life, people are turning to you for answers. What should you do? Where should you start? Thankfully, you are not alone in this moment. Nor are you the first follower of God to be a leader in a time of crisis! The Old Testament example of Nehemiah provides a striking and hopeful example for us to follow.

If you are trying to guide a group of people through this highly stressful time, you may find yourself emotionally closing off or unsure how to help your team. Using Nehemiah as a godly example of healthy, caring leadership, this material walks through the importance of prayer and addressing both your own emotions and those of your team during times of crisis. It will help you know how to do this well and in communion with God.

Leading Like Nehemiah in a Crisis is a new FULLER Formation resource, available as part of the Fuller Leadership Platform. Ordinarily, there is a modest charge for FULLER Formation material. But, because of the COVID-19 crisis, Fuller is offering FULLER Formation for FREE to new users. So, you can access Leading Like Nehemiah in a Crisis for free until September 2020. Click on this link and you’re all set.

2 thoughts on “Leading Like Nehemiah in a Crisis
New Fuller Formation Resource

  1. Stacy Arevalo says:

    This is speaking directly to my heart and exactly what I am facing. I truly appreciate the opportunity to learn more from a Biblical perspective. Thank you!

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