Our Life for Leaders devotional series will help you go deeper in your relationship with God. Each series is perfect for personal devotions or for small group study.

yelllow flowers growing out of stone wall

Easter and COVID-19

Devotional Series by Mark Roberts

This Life for Leaders devotional series seeks biblical answers to the question: How does the resurrection of Jesus matter as we live in the challenge of the COVID-19 crisis?

highway road sign that says stay home

Life in Lockdown

Devotional Series by Mark Roberts

During the coronavirus pandemic, millions upon millions of people are living in virtual lockdown. How might we grow into a deeper relationship with God in this strange time of life?

A woman hiking and reaching back to take the hand of the person behind her

Following Jesus Today

Devotional Series by Mark Roberts

In a time of uncertainty, when we’re not sure quite what to do, it’s good to follow Jesus. When we wonder where our lives are headed and what they’ll be like when we get there, it’s good to follow Jesus.

A young woman and an older woman looking at a sunrise

Walking with God in Uncertain Times

Devotional Series by Mark Roberts

In the midst of a global pandemic and widespread economic disruption, we find ourselves in truly uncertain times. What difference does God make in times like these?

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