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Programs + Initiatives


A cohort experience that helps you get unstuck and discern next steps on your road ahead. Learn More →


This initiative enables people who are in or approaching retirement to flourish in this season of life. Learn More →


We're conducting multiple ongoing research studies on healthy leadership and other relevant topics. Learn More →

What We Do

We develop resources and facilitate programs that help Christian leaders across industries and seasons of life grow in their sense of purpose, deal with issues that matter, and move toward greater fruitfulness in whatever work God has called them to do.

Featured Resources

Road Ahead Cohorts

Cohort Experience
Price: $500/participant

The Road Ahead is a six-week group experience that helps you get unstuck and discern next steps on your road ahead.

What To Do with Burnout

Article by Michaela O’Donnell about burnout.

People in all industries and stages of life are experiencing burnout, and its effects are staggering. So, what exactly is burnout? And what are we to do about it?

Make Work Matter

Book by Michaela O’Donnell
Starting at $11.99

Make Work Matter provides a blueprint for a better future. Filled with stories and insights from faithful entrepreneurs and built on solid research, this book will help you close the gap between what you’re doing now and the meaningful work you desire to accomplish.

Addressing Our Collective Crisis of Calling: A Reflection on CityGate’s Spring Labs

Article written by Michaela O’Donnell and Lisa Slayton

CityGate’s Spring Labs gathered four experts on vocation to discuss the current collective crisis of vocation in relation to the “Big Quit”. In this article, Michaela and Lisa synthesize what we heard across all four labs.

Clarifying Your Purpose in the Third Third of Life, Part 2

Article by Mark Roberts

This is Part 2 of a multi-part series of articles on the theme: “Clarifying Your Purpose in the Third Third of Life.”

Adaptive Church Cohorts

Innovative 18-month cohort led by Tod Bolsinger and team

18-month cohorts where a team from your congregation will discover and live into the principles of adaptive change that lead to impactful ministry in the 21st century.

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