Outline and Resources for "Living Fruitfully"

Living Fruitfully – A Faith-Work Toolbox

How Churches Can Help Their People Grow in Workplace Discipleship


A Lecture by Rev. Dr. Mark D. Roberts

Senior Strategist and Founder of the Third Third Initiative

Max De Pree Center for Leadership at Fuller Seminary



Resources for a strong foundation in faith/work theology and practice:

Question 1: Once my church and I are clear that the work of all of God’s people matters to God and to God’s mission in the world, how can we help our people live this truth in their daily work lives?

Suggestion 1: Embed faith/work theology and practice in your worship services.

Suggestion 2: Do a skills and occupation assessment of your congregation.

Suggestion 3: Regularly talk with your people about their faith and work.

  • Example of Pastor’s Study
  • Occupational cohorts – Work with your people.

Suggestion 4: Help your people develop workplace spirituality.

Question 2: Is there anything new in faith/work that I might investigate further and/or share with my congregation?

Suggestion 1: Work as a primary context for spiritual formation.

Suggestion 2: Work as a primary context for doing justice.

Suggestion 3: Work extends beyond “retirement.” Fruitfulness doesn’t end at 65.

Suggestion 4: The purpose of business is more than making money. Profit matters but isn’t everything.

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