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  1. Your work matters to God. [Best of: Work matters]
  2. God the worker created you to do good work. [Best of: God works]
  3. Work was created by God to be good, but sin messed it up. [Best of: Sin]
  4. Your work can be a way for you to love your neighbor. [Best of: Love of neighbor]
  5. God created you both to work and to rest. [Best of: Sabbath]
  6. You can truly worship God through your work. [Best of: Work as Worship]
  7. You have a calling from God, to which you respond, in part through your daily work. [Best of: Vocation]
  8. One way you can honor God and love others through your work is by doing excellent work [Best of: Excellence] and seeking to be ethical [Best of: Ethics] in your working life. 
  9. Through your work, you have the opportunity “to act justly” so that others might flourish in their life and work (Micah 6:8). [Best of: Justice]
  10.  All work [Best of: All work matters] can honor God, including jobs we hate. [Best of: Lousy Jobs] 
  11. All of your economic activity matters to God. [Best of: Economics]
  12. Your primary identity is not found in your work, but in Christ. Christ continues to hold you even in seasons where work is unfruitful or lacking altogether. [Best of: Unemployment]
  13. You are not alone. Christ welcomes you into his family of mutual love, encouragement, support, guidance, and prayer. No matter how isolated your job may make you feel, you always have community in the body of Christ. [Best of: Community]