Knowledge is great, but transformation comes through practice. Consider implementing these activities below into your daily rhythms to give the Holy Spirit time and space to transform you and your environment.

1. Read and/or listen to the Bible, paying particular attention to passages having to do with work.

– For ideas, check out the Theology of Work Project’s website here.

2. Begin your day with a devotional that helps you connect your work with God.

Consider using the Life for Leaders devotionals, or pick a subject from the Theology of Work devotional library.

3. Talk with God about your work throughout your day.

At the beginning of the day. During your lunch break. Before you walk into that difficult meeting. Silently or with others. Practice being in conversation with God about your work throughout the day.

4. Set aside a consistent time in the day when you’ll stop working for a few minutes in order to reflect and pray.

5. Talk with fellow Christians about the integration of faith, work, economics, and vocation.

6. Start a small group with your church or in your workplace with the purpose of helping each other to make connections between God and work.

Consider using these great small group resources [Search: Small Group]

7. Read a good book on the integration of faith and work. 

We especially recommend Working in the Presence of God: Spiritual Practices for Everyday Work by Denise Daniels and Shannon Vandewarker. Check out our other top book recommendations here [LINK to Best of: Books]

8. Talk with your pastor about how your church can help you and others grow in faith/work integration

Watch Reframe Episode 9: Ambassadors for a powerful vision of the church as an embassy which facilitates the vital gathering and scattering of the Body of Christ

9. Seek to do all your work for God. [Best of: Work as Worship, Best of: Excellence]

11. Listen to music that connects God and work. [Best of: Music]

Check out Porter’s Gate Worship Project 

12. Examen and reflection. 

Check out these examen resources from Fuller Studio.