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A New Way to Think About the Transition to Motherhood

An Article by Dr. Alexandra Sacks.

Are you new to motherhood? Be encouraged that your body and mind need time to make this transition, and, if you find it difficult, you are not alone.

How to Build Endurance for a Season of Growth

Hebrew scholars suggest that with every breath we take, we are producing the sound of the name of God. For every inhale “YAH,” for every exhale “WEH.” Based on this idea, God is literally our breath of life. There are days that feel like a marathon training session that just won’t end, but even in these moments, we can find the rhythm we need that will help us put one foot in front of the other if we focus on our source of life.

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How to trust God when I am job hunting: Three lessons from scripture

Meryl Herr writes about how we can reframe our seasons of waiting in looking for work. “Ten years ago, I was the woman who neurotically hummed “Great is Thy Faithfulness” wherever she went. My husband and I had completed a two-year pastoral residency in the middle of the Recession, and we struggled to find full-time work in our fields. I worked retail while my husband worked odd jobs. With each passing day, my hope dwindled and I struggled to hold onto God’s faithfulness in that season of waiting.”

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How to Transition Well at Work

An Article by Gage Arnold.

Gage Arnold writes about how seasons of transition require imagination in the midst of tension.